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What skills have you learnt?

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I have learnt to read and write, to skip, to hammer a nail, and to stand on one foot. What skills have you learnt?

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What did Julius Caesar learn?

he learnt fighting skills for his war. as he was born in a educated family he learnt his fighting skills fast

What skills did Romans learn in the Roman army?

they learnt many skills such as engineering, horse~riding and military etc.

What do you put in an evaluation?

What you did well, what you struggled at, how you could improve and whats skills you have learnt

Why is it important to have first aid knowledge and skills?

if someone gets hurt and you are around you can help them and possibly save lives with the skills you have learnt.

Why do they have basketball drills?

They have basketball drills so you cacn improve on your basketball skills. This comes in use when you are in a game, you use the skills you learnt.

Where can lawn maintenance be learnt?

My gardening skills are very poor, Where can I find out about good lawn maintenance?

Did children go to school in Ancient Greece?

boys did but girls stayed at home and learnt housing skills with their ma

What was the early life of Bennelong like?

He never went to school but he learnt all the hunting skills from his farther and grandad

What is the present perfect of learn?

present perfect is formed with -- have or has + past participleThe past participle of learn is learnt or learnedSo present perfect is have learnt or has learnt egWe have learnt to be good. She has learnt to play the guitar

What organisational skills do you consider you now have?

to be able to learn about office work and what to do i have learnt a lot is this what this means im not too sure of the question your asking

What are non-technical skills?

It means the skills you use in everyday life, your natural skills.. eg: Easy to talk to. Bubbly personality. Very approachable etc. Where as technical skills are those learnt for a particular job which may be "Operating a busy Switchboard etc. it does not mean you have no experience in technology that was a silly answer.

What was life like for girls in Sparta?

girls in sparta had to :They learnt to read- in school or at homeThey learnt important household skills-spinning, weaving, sewing, cooking and other household jobsLearnt simple facts on mythology, religion and occasionally musical instrumentsSpent most of their time in her household with other women- only leaving the house to perform religious duties

What methods did the government use to teach the people of Babylon?

They learnt from their family as they grew up, they learnt on the job, they learnt in the school of hard knocks, the warriors learnt in the regular practice call-outs.

Theory of learning?

Theory of learning is hypothesis (put forward by various schools of philosophy) on how concepts,forms,skills,abiltiy of thoughts as knowledge is learnt.

What the present perfect tense of learn?

Present perfect is formed with - have/has + past participle The past participle of learn is learnt so present perfect is have learnt or has l;earnt. We have learnt to bake a cake. She has learnt nothing.

What skills did the roman army have?

The Roman army learnt complicated moves such as the testudo or turtle. this is where the army would put their Shields together to form a protective shell.

What do Chinese children learn at school?

what we learnt in high school is what they learnt in primary

What does Graphic designer use ict for?

To develop a person(s) understanding of the techniques and skills used in the creative media industry & as graphic design is mostly used on computer basic computer skills should be learnt through ICT

What have you learnt from fossils?

you have learnt that a fossil is something that is there for millions of years and it goes hard! thicko

What did the ancient Athens learn for education?

They learnt from their parents - boys learnt from their father farming, a trade etc. They also learnt to fight to protect their farms and the city. Girls learnt from their mother how to run the household, cook, garden, after domestic animals and manage the household slaves.

What is key skills in resume for diploma?

I feel you want to ask - after completion of diploma what should you include in your skill section! It depends, what is your major field of diploma. There are a lot of courses which offer diploma, in that the technical skills you have learnt during your study, you should put it here.

What rhymes with learnt?


What is the plural of learn?


What is the past tense for the word learns?

infinitive: learnpast: learnt or learnedpast participle: learnt or learned

What schools and education did the Souix Indians have?

They didn't go to school. The boys learnt how to hunt and fight and the girls learnt who to put up the ti-pi and done the work in the ti-pi. They learnt this off their parents.

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