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Bella's Lullaby - Carter Burwell

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Q: What song is edward playing on piano in twilight?
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What song does edward play on the piano in twilight?

this song is Bella`s Lullably

Did edward actually play the piano song in twilight?

yes, Robert Pattinson plays the piano in real life

In Twilight what is the song Blood of Teardrops that edward plays for Bella on the piano by?

Carter Burwell

What is the song from the spider monkey scene in twilight called?

When Bella is on Edward's back and there going in the forest and when he's playing the piano for her, that song is called Bella's Lullaby by Carter Burwell.

What song is playing while Edward sucks the poison from Bella in twilight?

The song playing in the ballet studio in Twilight when Edward is sucking the James' venom out of Bella's blood is Let Me Sign by Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward in Twilight and New Moon.

What is the name of the Edward Cullen song?

Bella`s Lullaby is the name of the song Edward Cullen plays on the piano in the twilight Saga...................HOPE THIS HELPS!!

Is Robert Pattinson really playing the piano in the movie Twilight?

He did in fact play the piano in the movie and stated as such in an interview with '15 a 20' magazine "I know you play the piano, and in the book Edward plays a song in the piano for Bella. Are you playing the piano in the movie?Yes, I'm playing a song written by Carter Burwell." If you own the movie you can watch it with commentary, and you can also read the directors notebook to find out that answer.

Who play the song Bella's Lullaby?

In the movie it is Edward playing the piano as he can in fact play piano, but in the soundtrack it is a professional piano maestro.

What is the song that Edward Cullen plays on the piano in the movie twilight?

The song that Edward plays when Bella is at his house for the first time is called Bella's Lullaby

In 'Twilight' what song was playing when Bella first got into Edward's car?

If the question refers to the first time she went to school with Edward, the song is Spotlight (Twilight Mix) by MuteMath.

What is the song Edward Cullen plays on the piano in the movie twilight?

that is called Bella's Lullaby i love it So romantic

What song is edward playing in twilight?

People keep saying its Bella's lullaby but when i listen to it the song is different

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