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If you have a reseasonably good record of credit. Even if you were between jobs, but made every effort to pay off your debts this would look good on your record. If you constantly missed payments and made no attempt to pay them off your chances aren't good. If you have collateral and it isn't used for a loan then you could use that collateral to get your loan. Banks love to make one feel that if they have a lousy credit rating that they won't loan them money for something small such as a car, but the opposite is true. Cars are easy turn-overs, so banks can make money of them. A house is harder for banks to deal with. Credit cards companies in especially the U.S. and Canada just LOVE to have people sign up, spend like there is no tomorrow and they make plenty of money off missed payments. Most people never stop to figure out the percentage on their credit cards (they may know the %) but when they see their balance and then they start to add up the interest building on that balance it's mind boggling and it's tough for people to get out of credit card debt. Something else most people don't know, they can haggle with the credit card company to lower their rate of interest in order to pay that debt off. Go to your bank manager and see what they can do for you. If you have a poor credit rating and haven't paid off all your bills and a loan company practically ties you down to sign that contract for a loan to get a car, run fast and hard! They know that you can't really afford it and 9 chances out of 10 they'll take the car back if you miss payments. Also, their interest rates are much higher than banks. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What sort of credit record do you need to get a car loan?
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Do I still have tge ability to get a home loan with bad credit?

No. You will need to sort out your bad credit rating by demonstrating your ability to manage your finances before a home loan is at all likely. The recent property credit crunch has made lenders much more cautious.

How can one obtain an unsecured loan with bad credit?

If one has bad credit then it is difficult to secure any sort of loan. The best way is to be honest about the situation and to approach some of the small loan cooperatives that exist.

What type of loans provided by non banking institutions?

Any loan provided by a "non banking institution" would most likely be a personal loan. Any sort of mortgage, line of credit or other such loan would have to come from a "financial institution" of some sort whether that's a bank or credit union.

How do secure and unsecured loans differ?

With a secured loan, you back up your loan with some sort of financial guarantee like some assets. With an unsecured loan you only have your credit to back up the loan.

What kind of loan do you borrow if you have bad credit?

None. If you can not service a loan, you are better off not taking one out. If you are in financial difficulties, borrowing more is NOT the solution, what you need to do is go and seek help from a charity that deal with helping people in debt sort out their problems.

Is there an age limit in credit cards?

Yes. You must be 18 or older to obtain any sort of credit, whether it be a credit card or loan. Some companies require their customers to be over 21.

How do you get loan from Bank of America?

I need the sort code of bank of America in Washington

How do you qualify for a low interest loan?

The first qualification to a low interest loan is to have good credit. You should go to your local bank branch and inquire about any sort of customer deals.

Can you rent a car with bad credit?

As long as you have a credit card and fair driving record. Debit cards will sort of work, but they suck a lot of money from your account for awhile.

How would an auto lease be classified in your credit profile will it show up as some sort of loan?

It hits your fico the same way since its credit just less since the term is shorter

When bad credit expires does the credit rating go up?

No. Your credit rating will remain the same long after the bad credit has expired. In order to get a better credit rating, you'll have to obtain a credit card or loan of some sort. Making monthly payments and staying within the credit limit will gradually improve your credit rating over time.

Are there any wholesalers that offer business accounts in replacement of a credit card for a business?

Currently, there are many of your local area banks that will allow you to develop a line of credit. This line of credit is sort of like a loan, but is payable back in a shorter period of time.

If your parents are in bankruptcy and you need a student loan can your grandmother cosign if she is on Social Security and disability?

my aunt receives social security benefits as her only source of income and she was able to co-sign on my student loan. they are basically looking for someone with good credit and some sort of income.Your grandmother will be fine to co-sign.

How do you get a house loan with a job and bad credit?

land contract -sort of like renting but the money goes towards the purchase and it's usually simple interest

Where can you go in Virginia Beach to get a loan with no credit?

People will be better able to answer your question if we know what kind of loan. Your question is partially posted under the tag of Student Loans. If that is the loan type you seek you really don't have to worry too much about your credit in most cases. Many student loans are backed by the US Government and since they are designed for students, most lenders expect you to have little or no credit. Visit your Financial Aid Office for a list of lenders and to start the application process. If you are looking for another loan type, having no credit is going to be a problem. Lenders need to know what sort of risk you are, both to protect themselves and to answer to their investors and auditors. Your best bet is to start with a small secured credit card, department store card or student card and begin to build credit.

Do you need any sort of permission or give credit to take a line from the bible and put it in a song?


Find Auto Loans with Bad Credit?

If a person is seeking to take out an auto loan and does not have good credit, then he or she should not lose hope. There are ways to get bad credit auto loans without worrying that a person will be unable to qualify. No credit check auto loans do not require a person to have a credit check, which is very beneficial to people that do not have good credit scores or credit ratings. This can truly present great opportunities for people who need to take out loans but do not have the financial sort of backing to qualify for ordinary loans. Bad credit auto loans allow a person to focus his or her financial resources on other areas of a person's financial life. A person may need to pay off other credit cards with required payments due, and a bad credit auto loan can allow a person to use other funds for such a payment. It is truly a great idea for a person to pay off credit cards, before trying to pay off a car payment that could be paid with a car loan.

How can one get a self employed home loan in the UK?

Most major banking institutions offer some sort of self employed home loan. Citi, Chase, and HSBC all do. The criteria is pretty much the same, based on credit worthiness and ability to pay back the loan.

Can you get a home loan if you have recently filed a chapter 7?

Not if the bankruptcy is pending. Once it has been discharged (preferably closed) then it is possible to apply for credit. Whether or not the applicant is extended credit of any sort is the decision of the lending institution.

Where can one find loans with no credit?

There aren't a lot of companies out there that offer a loan without some sort of compensation. If it is a small amount of money that you want to loan, ask a good friend or a family member. Just make sure to pay them back!

Does the assistant manager profit from a mortgage loan closing?

Everyone who works in a mortgage office benefits when a loan closes. Loans keep them in business. As to whether the assistant manager gets some sort of a commission you would need to inquire at the particular office.Everyone who works in a mortgage office benefits when a loan closes. Loans keep them in business. As to whether the assistant manager gets some sort of a commission you would need to inquire at the particular office.Everyone who works in a mortgage office benefits when a loan closes. Loans keep them in business. As to whether the assistant manager gets some sort of a commission you would need to inquire at the particular office.Everyone who works in a mortgage office benefits when a loan closes. Loans keep them in business. As to whether the assistant manager gets some sort of a commission you would need to inquire at the particular office.

Is there such a thing as good debt?

Unfortunately debt can never be a good thing as such. Having a credit record or some sort of record that shows you have been able to pay your debts in the past will hugely count in your favor when applying for a loan or a bond etc. The fact of the matter is that one should always avoid excessive debts and aim to buy only with the money you have. Consult a debt counsellor when struggling with debt.

What is policy lean FOR LIFE INSurance?

By policy lien in life insurance, you can get loan from your bank, post office or financial institution authorised to accept. In fact, it's some sort of mortgage, against the loan or credit to be provided to you. The policy bond will be kept deposited with the authority till the loan is repaid in full with interest.

Do you need some sort of account to download and app on your iPod Touch?

Yes. You need an account with a credit card, even to download free content.

Instant approvedcredit cards?

Most credit card companies will need to ruin some sort of check, so unless you are an existing company "instant" will be a bit of a marketing ploy. There are some that offer a turnaround of 1-2 minutes on application though, depending on what sort of credit profile you have. If you have any sort of bad credit issues in the past, then it's likely that your application will have to go up for some sort of review and therefore not be "instant".