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Best thing to do is shape up, clean up. Volunteer for community service; ask the parole officer for appropriate services- sex offenders, for example, have to stay away from schools, etc. or face a parole violation. Note this on a job application. Looks good. Clean up your image, and the rest can follow. Look for ways to amend for your crime(s). You can start to garner respect from others and yourself. Life starts to get easier. You stay out of trouble. Consider strongly going to college. Do something with your life. You'll feel better, like you have a place and a plan. And you'll live longer.

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Q: What sort of job can a person get with a felony in California?
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What type of job can a person get in Nevada with a felony?

A Prostitute.

When you have a felony what are your limits?

When a person has a felony, what are their limits? Whae can they do and not do? Can they buy a house? Get a high paying job?

What can a person with a felony not do?

They can't vote, be a juror, or get a good job!!

Can a person fired of his job and has a thief felony get his retirement pension?


How does a person with a felony get a job when they have only been in jail and not prison?

Contact the John Howard Society.

Can a person with a felony conviction get a job handling postal or shipping details?

more than likely no

When will a class c felony not show on a background check?

When the person doing the background check is not doing their job properly. A felony will show up forever.

Can you get a school bus driver job in Texas with a felony on your record?

No a person with a felony cannot work as a bus driver. I tried with Channelview ISD and i knew the super

Best company to work for?

Depends on the sort of job you want and the sort of person (e.g. laid back or go-getter) you are.

Best way to answer about felony job application?

You shoudn't be be a felony in the first place.

Can you get a job in a casino with a felony in Florida?


Is saying on a job application that you haven't ever been fired but you have a felony?

No it is not a felony. But if they do a back ground check they will see the felony and question you about it.

Is it legal to deny a person with a felony a job?

Yes and no. While it is considered descrimination, most employers do not want felons as part of their staff.

What if there are two felony counts?

Then there will be two felony counts on your record. It will probably affect your job and any job applications you submit in the future and on your driving record.

What disqualifies you for a police job?

having a felony

Can you get a job with the defense intelligence agency with a felony?

No, you can not!

Can you get a state job in VA after a felony conviction?


What type of job can a person with a felony get in Massachusetts?

It all depends on the nature of the felony.most places WILL NOT hire anyone with a felony.some places wont hire you with certain types of felonies.for example: say you have a felony drug charge, you would never be able to get a job in a place that distributes over the counter medications.

Can you get a work at home job with a felony?

Yes you can! Most real work from home jobs end up being network marketing or MLM companies which do not require a background check of any sort.

Can I be hired if I have a felony?

It depends on what type of job you are applying for. If it's a childcare job, then probably not.

Will Tinker AFB hire person with felony conviction?

It depends on what kind of job you're interested in, where you will be working, and who does the hiring (The USAF itself, or a civilian contractor).

How do you find a job if you have a felony?

Become a professional criminal

Can you help me get a job with a felony and served its entirely?


Can you sue a potential employer for denying you a job because of your felony background?


Your felony is 12 years old why can you not find a job?

Felony convictions don't "go away". You cannot be discriminated against for having a felony on your record for "most jobs".

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