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What sort of things do larvae eat?

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A larva (plural form larvae) is a juvenile form of animal with indirect development, undergoing metamorphosis (for example, insects or amphibians). The larva can look completely different from the adult form, for example, a caterpillar differs from a butterfly. Caterpillars, for instance, eat leaves voraciously. Tadpoles (that become frogs when adult) love... lettuce! Hope this helps!

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Do frogs eat larvae?

Frogs do not typically eat any sort of larvae. Frogs are usually quite content with flies and other flying insects.

What sort of plants do caterpillars eat?

Different caterpillars eat various things. Most eat the leaves of plants, a few eat the eggs of insects, aphids, scale insects or ant larvae. Some eat other caterpillars.

What do larves eat?

There are many different types of larvae and they eat different things that include leaves from various plants like milkweed. Some larvae eat meat and others eat insects like aphids.

What does a dragonfly larvae eat?

dragonfly larvae eats mosquito larvae.

What sort of things do caterpillars eat?


What do butterfly larvae eat?

Butterfly Larvae are typically called "caterpillars" and they eat foliage.

Are fish eggs eaten by dragon fly larvae?

Fish eggs are not eaten by dragonfly larvae. Dragonfly larvae eat small fish, very small fish and tadpoles. They do not eat fish larvae. A lot of fish eat the larvae out of there own nests.

What do damselfly larvae eat?

Damselfly larvae eat worms and small Gambuzia (small fish).

What do ant larvae eat?

Ant larvae look like maggots. They can eat small pieces of insects that are brought to them by worker ants. Others will eat other ant larvae.

What does Midge larvae eat?

Midge larvae eat dead organic stuff down at the bottoms of ponds!

Do bears only eat fish?

No. They eat a variety of things, not just fish: they eat berries, carrion, grass, insect larvae, various plants, etc.

What kind of plants do minnows eat?

Minnows eat algae and other random floaty things such as little bug larvae and other unidentified things catching the stream's current.

Is a mosquito larvae a carnivore?

if its a larvae, it cant eat, therefore how can it be carnivorous?

Do fish eat mosquito larvae?

Fish do feed on mosquito larvae.

Does Mosquito Larvae Eat?


What do dragonfly larvae eat?

They eat mostly mosquito larvae, THEY DO NOT ABSORB THEIR ENERGY FROM THE SUN! - to the goon who answered before me.

Do foxes eat larvae?

Foxes can eat larvae, but only if they are starving. They will usually go for larger rodents and mammals.

What does a caddisfly eat?

They eat small aquatic vascular plants, nymphs, and larvae. They eat small aquatic vascular plants, nymphs, and larvae.

What do bromelaids eat?

Bromelaids eat mosquito larvae.

What do ladybug larvae eat?

They eat aphids as well!

What does a Grotto Salamander eat?

All salamanders are carnivorous: larger ones consume earthworms and adults and larvae of many insects; smaller species eat small insects, insect larvae and various small invertebrates. Larvae eat tadpoles, smaller salamander larvae and aquatic invertebrates

What eats mosquito larvae?

A great many species eat mosquito larvae. Other predatory aquatic insects (e.g. dragonfly larvae, aquatic beetles) as well as freshwater fish (e.g. guppies, killifish, carp) and even birds (migratory songbirs, waterfowl) will eat mosquito larvae. Tadpoles also eat mosquito larvae.

What sort of things do athletes eat?

fruit and lots of healthy stuff

What sort of food did the early settlers to Britain eat?

yaky things

How do you get rid of Mosquito larvae in fish pond?

Most fish will gladly to eat the larvae.

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