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What speed or circumstance does it take to make the air bags deploy?


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Air bags are set to trigger at approx. 15-25 MPH only on impact either front end or side, if side air bags are fitted.


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you dont have to be moving at all, you just have to have the key on and get hit in the front with enough force to make the air bags deploy

Air bags are designed to keep your head, neck, and chest from slamming into the dash, steering wheel or windshield in a front-end crash. They are not designed to inflate in rear-end or rollover crashes or in most side crashes, unless equipped with side airbags. Generally, air bags are designed to deploy in crashes that are equivalent to a vehicle crashing into a solid wall at 8-14 mph. Air bags most often deploy when a vehicle collides with another vehicle or with a solid object like a tree. Air bags inflate when a sensor detects a front-end crash. The sensor sends an electric signal to start a chemical reaction that inflates the air bag with harmless nitrogen gas. All this happens faster than the blink of an eye. Air bags have vents, so they deflate immediately after cushioning you. They cannot smother you and they don't restrict your movement. The "smoke" you may have seen in a vehicle after an air bag demonstration is the nontoxic starch or talc that is used to lubricate the air bag. All air bags are not the same. Air bags differ in design and performance. There are differences in the crash speeds that trigger air bag deployment, the speed and force of deployment, the size and shape of air bags, and the manner in which they unfold and inflate. That is why you should contact your vehicle manufacturer if you want specific information about the air bags in your particular car.

they can deploy 1min to thirty seconds

I will make an exception in this circumstance, with certain reservations.

A good rule of thumb is to make sure you are tall enough that the front passenger air-bags will not block and suffocate your mouth and or nose, should they deploy.

Make sure to note the circumstance I have just said!

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