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Joe's Chinese horoscope sign is a snake his star sign is Leo

Nick Chinese horoscope sign is monkey his star sign is Virgo

Kevins Chinese horosope sign is a rabbit and his star sign is Scorpio

If you have and answer to my question please answer it! : )

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Is Joe Jonas in the band all-star Weekend?

No, Joe Jonas is in the band, The Jonas Brothers. With his two brothers Kevin and Nick.

What are the Jonas brothers zoidiac sign?

Joe Jonas= Leo, Nick Jonas= Virgo, Kevin Jonas= Scorpio, Frankie Jonas= Libra,

Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas?

Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas are brothers. They are two thirds of the band The Jonas Brothers.

Who is the leader of Jonas Brothers band?

the leader of the Jonas brothers band is joe Jonas!

What are the talents of Joe Jonas?

Joe Jonas is the lead singer of the Jonas Brothers

Are Jonas and joe Armstrong brothers?

Jonas and Joe Armstrong are not brothers - apparently not related at all.

How old was Joe Jonas when the Jonas brothers started performing as the Jonas brothers?

I believe Joe Jonas was 16 years old BELIEVE IT OR NOT

Why is Joe Jonas is famous?

joe Jonas is famous because he is a singer in the "JONAS BROTHERS"

Where was joe born from Jonas Brothers?

Joe Jonas was born in Arizona!

Who is the frontman of the Jonas brothers?

Joe Jonas

What show does Nick Jonas guest star in on Disney Channel?

he starrs in his own show called the Jonas brothers:living the dream. he is a star in it along with his brothers Kevin and Joe Jonas. they tell us basically about their everyday lives. In 2007 Nick Jonas guest stared in Hannah Montana and in 2009 Nick Jonas stared in JONAS with his brothers Joe Kevin and Frankie.

What is Joe Jonas star singh?

Joe Jonas is a leo.

Who is going out with camille Bella?

10,000 BC star Camille Belle is reportedly romantically involved with Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.

When Joe Jonas becam a star?

Did you mean when did Joe Jonas become a star? He became star around 2005.

How many Jonas Brothers are there which are not in the band?

There are 4 Jonas brothers all together. Nick, Kevin, Joe and Frankie Nick, Joe and Kevin are the band "The Jonas Brothers"

Who is Joe nick and Kevin Jones?

It is JONAS AND they are 2 brothers of the JONAS BROTHERS...the other one is Joe there are 3

What musicians are in the Jonas Brothers?

Well the Jonas Brothers are literally JONAS. Joe Jonas Nick Jonas + Kevin Jonas theyre actually all brothers

Where does Joe Jonas lives?

joe jonas lives in hollywood with brothers and his parents

Who is the lead singer of the Jonas brothers?

Joe Jonas

Who's the leader of the Jonas Brothers?

Joe Jonas.

Is Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas brothers?


Jonas Brothers who is the middle brother?

Joe Jonas

Who do you like out of the Jonas Brothers?

i like Joe Jonas

Who is Jones brothers like?

the Jonas brothers are 3 brothers who sing and have there own show. they are joe Jonas,nick Jonas, and Kevin Jonas?

Are any of the Jonas brothers going out with somebody?

As far as pictures go, Joe Jonas is dating furture J.O.N.A.S. co-star Chelsea StaubAs far as pictures go, Joe Jonas is dating furture J.O.N.A.S. co-star Chelsea Staub