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Gift Giving in Italy HistoryThe beginning of the gift-giving tradition in Italy is not pecular to Italy. n other words, the tradition is associated with the holiday tself rather than just the country, so if we examine where the gift-giving tradition started with Christmas a whole, we have the answer. Commonly it is believed that the tradition with the "wise men," or atrologers that visited Jesus, bringing him gifts. But if we read the account, we notice that the gifts were given to Jesus, not exchanged among themselves, as in the case of Christmas. Also these men were not actually starting a new tradition. They were actually carrying out a well-established custom of the day, that is, a custom of bringing gifts to a person of notoriaty, or nobility when you visited them. So if you visited a king, you were expected to bring gifts. So where did the Christmas gift-giving originate? "Writing in the Los Angeles Independent, Diane Bailey explained: ?'Exchanging gifts dates back to ancient Rome, when the people would trade simple token gifts during ceremonies of sun worship and the new year.'? "Under the headline ?'Unwrapping Yule Traditions,'? Anita Sama wrote in a Gannett News Service story: ?'Long before Christian observances, exchanging presents was part of the winter celebrations. The Romans gave each other branches from a holy grove of trees, then moved to more elaborate items symbolizing good wishes for the coming year?silver, gold and honeyed treats.'? The holiday referenced above was the Pagan celebration of the Saturnalia, which was a feast to the sun god Ra. Early in it's history, somewhere around the 4th century, long after the death of Jesus and the apostles, the Catholic church adopted the Pagan Saturnalia into the church, with all of it's custom, including the gift-giving, and changed the name to "Christ's Mass," or Christmas.
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Q: What started Christmas gift giving traditions in Italy?
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What are some traditions they do in Italy for Christmas?

They go to there family houses and celebrate Christmas there.

What are Christmas traditions in Albania?

Same as in Italy or Greece.

What are some traditions in Italy at Christmas time?

to eat cookies and fries

What are the differences between Christmas traditions in the US and Italy?

On Christmas Eve in Italy they have an eight or seven course sea food dinner.

What country started the tradition of exchanging gifts?

Italy is the accepted correct answer. I am not sure where "anonymous" got his information, but Italy is *not* the "accepted correct" answer. Gift-giving traditions centered around the Winter Solstice have been around since pre-Christian times. Yes, one of those traditions came out of Rome and the Saturnalia (which is in modern Italy), but it is not the first, nor the most direct, influence on modern gift-giving. German and Victorian British traditions; it is directly from those influences that modern Christmas got its tradition. The netherlands answer i agree, Italy is the correct answer, i looked it up in other resources.

What traditions do they have in Italy?

Italians put up Nativity Scenes at Christmas time.

When did Italy start celebrating Christmas?

AnswerCelebrating Christmas actually started in Italy.

What are some Christmas traditions that are celebrated in both Italy and Australia?

i have no idea ha ha ha

What country first started exchanging gifts at Christmas?


Is gift giving a part of Italy's Christmas?

yes it is you exchange gifts there but there is no tree

What are the customs and traditions in Italy?

The Feast of the Seven Fishes is a traditional Christmas Eve meal in Italy. People generally spend holidays with their extended families.

What is the name of the country whose traditions include La Befana's gift-giving to children?

La Befana is a custom in Italy.

What day is Christmas celebrated in Italy?

Christmas is celebrated on December 25 as it is everywhere in the world. The feast of Epiphany is celebrated on January 6, frequently with gift giving.

When did Christmas carols start?

Christmas carols started in the 13th century in Italy. The person who wrote the first carol was St. Francis of Assisi.

Do they have Christmas lights in Italy?

Yes, Italy does have Christmas lights.

Does Italy decorate a Christmas tree?

does Italy decorate a Christmas tree

What are traditions in Italy?

A few traditions in Italy are Festa Della Repubblica, celebrated on June 2nd, and Tarantella which is a form a dancing.

What are the traditions of Vatican City?

Vatican City traditions are similar to that of Italy, as the country is entirely engulfed by the capital of Italy (Rome). It also has some own touches of old traditions, related to Catholicism, that may not be present in Italy.

What are some customs and traditions of Italy?

Some customs and traditions of Italy are catholism, olive oil, fascism, pasta, gold and fruit trees/ vines everywhere. Also a very traditional Christmas day. Also, building a ceppo ( a sort of a Italian Christmas tree also known as the tree of light) near Christmas time is a past time. Having a feast of seafood on Chritsmas eve also. For children on Christmas, they expect La Befana (instead of Santa!) to give them gifts.

When was Italy started?

Italy was started 2000bc

Do they put up a Christmas trees in Italy on Christmas?

yes,and the decorations and (Christmas) trees r getting really popular in Italy,so yes they do use Christmas trees in Italy.....................

What is the reason for Christmas in Italy?

The reason Christmas is celebrated in Italy is the birth of Jesus.

What are some traditions in Italy?

Although some children receive gifts from Babbo Natale, Father Christmas, on Christmas Eve or morning, most still eagerly await the visit from La Befana. Arriving on January 6, legend has it that La Befana is a witch who heard of the good news of Jesus' birth from the Wise Men. Either unable or unwilling to travel with them, she eventually started looking for Jesus but never found Him. Instead of giving her gifts to the newborn baby, she instead leaves them for children across Italy as she searches for Jesus.

What is Father Christmas known as in Italy?

In Italy, Father Christmas is called Babbo Natale

What kind of gifts do the children receive in Italy at Christmas?

Who delivers the gifts at Christmas in Italy

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