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Cape Hatteras is located on Hatteras Island. It is part of Buxton in the state of North Carolina. The lighthouse is a staple of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

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Q: What state is Cape Hatteras located?
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In what state is Cape Hatteras located?

Cape Hatteras is located off the Atlantic coast of North Carolina.

Cape Hatteras is located in the state of?

North Carolina.

Where is the Cape Hatteras ferry located?

Cape Hatteras is a cape on the coast of North Carolina.

What state is Lake Hatteras located?

It is located in North Carolina along with Cape Fear.

In what state is Cape Hatteras located name its capital?

Raleigh, North Carolina.

Where is Cape Hatteras located?

Cape Hatteras (note the spelling) is located on the Outer Banks (barrier islands) of the state of North Carolina on the East Coast of the United States, bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

What cape is located south of Kitty Hawk NC?

Cape Hatteras

What state is Cape Hatteras in?

North Carolina

Look at the map of the eastern coatline of the US in what state is the Cape Hatteras located?

North Carolina

How many people visit Cape Hatteras each year?

Over 2.3 million tourist visit Cape Hatteras each year. Cape Hatteras is located on Hatteras Island on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

What are facts about the Hatteras Indians?

They Are located in the Cape Hatteras of NC! And are associated with the Lumbee Tribe.

Where is Cape Hatteras lighthouse located?

hatteras island in the outer banks of North Carolina

Cape hatteras is located on the coast of?

north carolina

Look at a map of the eastern coastline of the United States In what state is Cape Hatteras Located?

North Carolina

Cape Hatteras is part of which state?

North Carolina

What state contains Cape Hatteras?

North Carolina.

Where is a lighthouse located at?

There are many at the coast..Cape Hatteras, NC.

How long was cape hatteras in use?

How long was cape hatteras

What state lies closest to Cape Hatteras?

North Carolina.

How did Cape Hatteras Lighthouse get its name?

It was built on the famous Cape Hatteras.

When was cape hatteras built?

Cape Hatteras was built i n 1812

Who built Cape Hatteras Lighthouse?

Who Built The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Is cape hatteras at a angle?

Dose Cape Hatteras stand at a angle

Does Cape Hatteras divide Oregon and Washington?

No, Cape Hatteras is in North Carolina.

In what state is cape hatteras?

North Carolina and the county is Buxton county