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Hawaii is the only island state in the United States. Hawaii has the largest tourism industry of any United States state.

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It is the only state that is an island

It is situated in the middle of the pacific ocean.

Because it is tropical and consists only of islands.

Its not attached to the country and it also grows sugar cane.

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There are no bordering states to Hawaii.

There are no states "next to" Hawaii. Hawaii is located in the Pacific Ocean.

Fugitives who flee to another state will be returned for trial

There are no states that border Hawaii. Hawaii is an island in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

About $1.83, it differs from time to time and differs in states.

......Hawaii is an island. There are no states bordering it. Just water.

None.Hawaii shares no borders with other States.

California and Arizona are the closest states surrounding Hawaii.

Alaska and Hawaii are states of the USA.

it oversees the operation of 348 resivoirs and 479 dams in seventeen western states

Hawaii is the 50th state in the United States of America. (USA)Hawaii is one of the US States.No, Hawaii is the 50th state of the United States of America (USA).Hawaii is not a country, nor does it own any Countries.

Hawaii is a state of the United States. In other words, Hawaii is owned by the United States therefore it is apart of it.

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