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You need the assistance of an attorney who specializes in real estate and probate law. She can arrange to have the title to the land examined. That is the first step in determining the status of the title and what needs to be done to clear it.

If the property is owned by the group as joint tenants with the right of survivorship, upon the death of an owner their interest passes automatically to the surviving owners. If the property is held by the group as tenants in common, upon the death of an owner their estate must be probated and their interest would pass under the terms of their Will or by the laws of intestacy to their heirs at law.

You should address the situation as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more it will cost to clear the title.

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Q: What steps do we need to take to clear the title if we have 9 family members on the title to some real property and some of them are deceased?
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If the deceased left his home to a certain person and her name is already on the deed does she just take over the loan?

my aunt left me property in her will, and now I would like to sell the property, but I don't have a clear deed. how do i get a clear deed to the property so that I can sell the property?

When is a probate procedure required in a family death in the state of Texas?

If there are any debts associated with the deceased, or they own any real property, it is to the benefit of the family to go through probate. This will insure that accounts are settled and shouldend any attempts by creditors to collect if there are no monies. It also insures that there is clear title to any vehicles and property.

Can you file a mechanics lien if the person is now deceased?

Yes, you can file a lien against the property. The estate will have to clear the claim.

Who is responsible for judgment on property inherited from deceased father?

The judgement should be resolved before the property is transferred. If there are not enough assets to cover it, the property would have to be sold to pay the judgement. If someone wants the house, it might make sense for them to pay it to keep the property.

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How can a property in the UK be sold if both names on the deeds do not agree?

You might look for an inheritance from a deceased owner or a title acquired by court decree. However, if those outside sources are not forthcoming then the deed should be questioned. All the owners of a property must convey their interest for the conveyance to transfer clear title to the property.

Is a divorced spouse entitled to a death certificate in Ca?

If the spouse can prove that a death certificate is needed to prove that the ex-spouse is deceased in order to clear up legal issues. Such as support (alimony), property, etc.

Are children responsible for paying back taxes owed on deceased parents house in Michigan?

The estate of the deceased is...of course that may essentially be simply a reduction of what the children would get. But the tax does not go away..the property owes it and if it must be sold to collect it, by the estate (or the tax jurisdcition), it has to be, before clear title can go to anyone else.

What are the Community family property states in the USA?

To be is normally called just "community property". The community being the husband & wife are as one person. The family is not part of it. * Arizona * California * Idaho * Louisiana * Nevada * New Mexico * Texas * Washington * Wisconsin

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What is a clear title on a home?

A clear title indicates that no other person or other entity has any claim on the property or interest in the property and you are the absolute owner.

Is wife who didn't sign vehicle contract in Arizona responsible for deceased husbands repo deficiency balance?

Like it or not, Arizona is a community property state, and the estate must pay up to clear any debt. Perhaps you can arrange a payment plan.

Upon the death of a spouse do you need a will to inherit the property of said spouse in the state of Tennesse?

A will is not required to inherit property. A probate attorney will assist the family in opening an estate and settling the distribution, including getting clear title for the spouse.

If a life tenant dies what rights does his family tenants have?

When a life tenant dies so does his right to occupy the property. His family inherits no rights unless they are the remaindermen and own the fee to the property. In that case, they own the property free and clear of the life estate. However, the life tenant may have left personal property inside the home. If so it would pass according to their will or according to the laws of intestacy if there was no will. You can check the laws of your state at the related question link below.

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Explaining a Quit Claim Deed?

A quit claim deed is a legal document that is used in the real estate industry. It allows a person to relinquish a claim of ownership to a property named in the deed. Even if the person still lists the property in his or her will, the quit claim deed will still stand. The wording given in the document makes it clear that the person is giving up all ownership claims now and forever for themselves and their dependents.Divorce CasesThere are different reasons to use this document, the most common being in divorce cases. When one spouse wants a co-owned property and the other does not, the spouse giving the property up signs the document, which is then filed with the divorce decree. The spouse keeping the property can check with his or her mortgage company to file a notarized copy of the document with the account. It is important to note that signing this document may not relinquish a cosigner's financial obligations under the mortgage contract. Both parties should check with legal counsel and mortgage companies for more information and procedures. Family Members And BusinessesFamily members selling or giving property to one another use the document to allow the receiver to have a clear property title. Businesses such as LLC's, or limited liability corporations, are increasingly using them to buy or sell property. Businesses also use them to clear something known as a "cloud" on a property's title. A cloud is a lien or person that may not have legally relinquished a claim to the property's ownership. The purchasing or selling business will ask the person or lien holder to sign a quit claim deed to remove the cloud.Property Involved In TrustsProperty that is involved in or held by a trust is often transferred from holder to holder with quit claim deeds. This is done by both businesses and family trusts. For example, a house that is owned by several generations of family will be transferred from owner to owner by a quit claim deed, with the trust being the primary property owner/manager, meaning it will stay in the family's ownership regardless of who holds the current title.

What happens to a child when a single mother dies giving birth?

It depends on the details, but basically absent a clear will it will be up to the discretion of the courts. There's a preference for placing children with family members if the family members are willing and capable of providing a good home, but the child might wind up entering the foster care system or in an orphanage.

Our house is being foreclosed in Michigan can other property owned with a tenancy in common with family members free and clear have a lien put on it as a result of our foreclosure?

Yes, it is not unusual for a lender to seek additional security, in the form of a lien on other land or personal property, once you're in default on the original agreement. If the auction goes badly, they don't want to be left without payment of the outstanding balance. As a tenant in common, you have a separate ownership interest that can be attached and liquidated.

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What if a death certificate isn't recorded for the life tenant?

You must record a death certificate to clear the title. If the life tenant is deceased there is a cloud on the title until proof of their death is recorded in the public records. You cannot sell or mortgage the property until the death certificate is recorded.

Are you responsible for a lien for POA dues on property you inherited?

Only if you want clear title to the property. If you fail to clear the lien, the property can be sold from under you. If the lien holder does not forclose you will still not be able to sell the property until the lien is satisfied. Just pay the debt, especially if it is valid. When you inherited the property, you inherited the debt.

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Need clear property title 4 names on title 1 deceased 1 divorced -have Quit Claim and 2 living kids Why won't title company give clear title with death certificate?

There is a special form (ask title company) that you have to have filled out (its easy) and then have it notirized (wr. spelling, sorry) You take that with the org. death certificate to the recorders office where the property is located . I did this two weeks ago and they cleared it the same day. The answer depends upon how the four owners held title.