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What steps do we need to take to clear the title if we have 9 family members on the title to some real property and some of them are deceased?


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You need the assistance of an attorney who specializes in real estate and probate law. She can arrange to have the title to the land examined. That is the first step in determining the status of the title and what needs to be done to clear it.

If the property is owned by the group as joint tenants with the right of survivorship, upon the death of an owner their interest passes automatically to the surviving owners. If the property is held by the group as tenants in common, upon the death of an owner their estate must be probated and their interest would pass under the terms of their Will or by the laws of intestacy to their heirs at law.

You should address the situation as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more it will cost to clear the title.


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my aunt left me property in her will, and now I would like to sell the property, but I don't have a clear deed. how do i get a clear deed to the property so that I can sell the property?

Yes, you can file a lien against the property. The estate will have to clear the claim.

If there are any debts associated with the deceased, or they own any real property, it is to the benefit of the family to go through probate. This will insure that accounts are settled and shouldend any attempts by creditors to collect if there are no monies. It also insures that there is clear title to any vehicles and property.

It should have been resolved by the estate before the property was transferred. The estate is responsible to clear these things up. The property is still encumbered and the current owner has to clear it.

This is when the whole family sit down together and discuss issues that are occurring with "the family".. and to clear the air etc if there been any terbulance between family members!!!

You might look for an inheritance from a deceased owner or a title acquired by court decree. However, if those outside sources are not forthcoming then the deed should be questioned. All the owners of a property must convey their interest for the conveyance to transfer clear title to the property.

To be is normally called just "community property". The community being the husband & wife are as one person. The family is not part of it. * Arizona * California * Idaho * Louisiana * Nevada * New Mexico * Texas * Washington * Wisconsin

A clear title means one that has no liens or claims against it. There are no mortgages on the property.

If the spouse can prove that a death certificate is needed to prove that the ex-spouse is deceased in order to clear up legal issues. Such as support (alimony), property, etc.

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The estate of the deceased is...of course that may essentially be simply a reduction of what the children would get. But the tax does not go away..the property owes it and if it must be sold to collect it, by the estate (or the tax jurisdcition), it has to be, before clear title can go to anyone else.

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A will is not required to inherit property. A probate attorney will assist the family in opening an estate and settling the distribution, including getting clear title for the spouse.

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Like it or not, Arizona is a community property state, and the estate must pay up to clear any debt. Perhaps you can arrange a payment plan.

It would be a good idea. It allows her to settle the debts of the deceased and obtain clear title to all of the property. It makes it much easier for her own estate to be settled.

Only if you want clear title to the property. If you fail to clear the lien, the property can be sold from under you. If the lien holder does not forclose you will still not be able to sell the property until the lien is satisfied. Just pay the debt, especially if it is valid. When you inherited the property, you inherited the debt.

A free and clear property means that the mortgage was completely satisfied and there is no more lien on the property as far as the mortgage goes.

When a life tenant dies so does his right to occupy the property. His family inherits no rights unless they are the remaindermen and own the fee to the property. In that case, they own the property free and clear of the life estate. However, the life tenant may have left personal property inside the home. If so it would pass according to their will or according to the laws of intestacy if there was no will. You can check the laws of your state at the related question link below.

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