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What successes did the Mormons have at Salt Lake?


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When the Mormon Pioneers migrated to Salt Lake City Utah, Brigham Young, the prophet received a revelation from God that he should construct a temple there...the Salt Lake Temple. It is the place Mormons make sacred covenants with the Lord. It truly is a blessing.


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The Mormons traveled to Utah and settled in the Salt Lake Valley. They established the city Salt Lake City.

Brigham Young was the leader who led Mormons on a trek to Salt Lake.

The first Mormons arrived to settle in the Great Salt Lake on July 24, 1847.

The Mormons went from Palmyra, NY to Kirtland, OH to Navoo, IL to Salt Lake City, UT

The Mormons went from Palmyra, NY to Kirtland, OH to Navoo, IL to Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City was the city that the Mormons founded in Utah.

Yes. Brigham Young lead most of the Mormons to the Great Salt Lake after Joseph Smith was murdered.

The Mormons didn't move to Salt Lake City, they moved to a mostly uninhabited desert and built Salt Lake City. This was due to the persecution and violence they had faced in other cities where they attempted to settle.

The Mormons were given information concerning the Salt Lake valley from Father Pierre DeSmet, a Belgian Catholic Missionary who traveled the west before the Mormons were ever even there. Through his description of the area the Mormons decided to move there.

The Mormons established Salt Lake City, Utah. This was established by Brigham Young, the successor of the prophet Joseph Smith. Now, Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah.

There are more Mormons living in Salt Lake City than in Park City. While both cities are quite liberal by Utah standards and have lower percentages of Mormons than the rest of northern Utah, Salt Lake City has more.

To be able to practice their religion in peace.

In what is now Salt Lake City, Utah.

They didn't really make a settlement on the Great Salt Lake, as there is swampy marshland surrounding the lake for several miles. The first city they settled in the area was Great Salt Lake City, later renamed Salt Lake City, which is about 20 miles from the nearest shore of the Great Salt Lake.Salt Lake City and other Mormon settlements in the area were a part of a territory the Mormons named Deseret.

The Mormon pioneers originally named it Great Salt Lake City, but shortened it to Salt Lake City because the name was so long.

In 1844 the Mormons followed Brigham Young to what would become the Utah Territory.

You are probably thinking of Salt Lake City, Utah. The headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) has been located in Salt Lake City since 1847. However, there is no city where most Mormons live. There are 14.5 million Mormons scattered around the globe, with about 35-40% of Mormons living in the United States and about 10% of Mormons living in the state of Utah. Only about 0.4% of Mormons live in Salt Lake City boundaries.

They arrived in Utah and began building Salt Lake City.

No, Brigham Young did not find Salt Lake City. He built it. He lead the Mormons from Illinois to Utah, and they built a city on shores of the great salt lake.

Well, technically, they never found Salt Lake City. They found a large empty valley and built Salt Lake City. They arrived there in July 1847.

The Mormons went from Palmyra, NY to Kirtland, OH to Navoo, IL to Salt Lake City, UT

The Mormons traveled in covered wagons or with handcarts on the Mormon trail to the salt lake valley in Utah.

The Mormons went from Palmyra, NY to Kirtland, OH to Navoo, IL to Salt Lake City, UT

Mormon pioneers.Brigham Young led the caravan of Mormons across the Midwest into the Salt Lake Valley

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