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Since the wisdom tooth grows at the very back, the most common symptomatic pain is tenderness at the very back. If you can't chew properly or you can't close your mouth properly, it can be a sign of wisdom tooth pain. However, the best way to know if you are growing wisdom tooth is by checking with your dentist. Your teeth pain can be caused by a lot of things like tooth decay or cavity.

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Q: What symptoms do you get with wisdom tooth pain?
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Related questions

What are the symptoms of an impacted tooth?

The movement of an erupting wisdom tooth and any subsequent impaction may produce pain at the back of the jaw.

Is it normal to have wisdom teeth pain after one year?

It is not normal but some do have wisdom tooth pain after an year.

Can a new tooth growing in cause headache pain related?

When you get your normal tooth there are very less chances of the tooth pain or headache. But if you are getting your wisdom tooth then there are chances of getting a headache. If you feel that there is a pain in the tooth causing a headache, you should visit your dentist to get your wisdom tooth checked.

Can you stop the symptoms of an impacted wisdom tooth with out a dentist?

no you cant

What are the symptoms of tooth decay?

There are many symptoms associated with tooth decay. These symptoms include sensitivity, cavities, and in some cases degrees of tooth pain.

What are symptoms of tooth infection?

There are quite a few symptoms of tooth infection such as fever. Other symptoms of tooth infection include smelly drainage and pain.

What symptoms occur after wisdom teeth are removed?

When you have your wisdom teeth removed you will have a lot of pain. You will also bleed. Make sure that you pack the place where the tooth used to be to avoid dry sockets.

What medicine should you take for wisdom tooth pain?

an aspirin

What could be wrong if you have jaw pain and some ear pain but no tooth pain?

It could very well be a wisdom tooth trying to cut. When a wisdom tooth begins to cut, it can move several teeth in the process and cause some jaw pain. The ear pain could be drainage if a wisdom tooth is cutting. A few painkillers are your best bet to help the pain, or you could opt to have the wisdom teeth removed surgically. It could also be a sinus infection or infection in a root tooth. A dentist's x-ray is the best plan.

What is a symptom of infection after wisdom teeth removal?

Some symptoms of infection after wisdom tooth removal can be severe pain ue to dry socket or puss draining out of whole.Im not a dr. but just from exsperiance.

What to do for pain after wisdom tooth extraction?

Keep an ice pack on your face on the side where your tooth was extracted

What are the symptoms of a wisdom tooth growing in?

Everyone is different. My sister had no symptoms at all. With me my jaw hurt where my wisdom tooth was trying to come in, I also ran a fever and had diarrhea. I had to have all 4 of mine cut out. With me, I experienced some jaw pain around the TMJ joint, and also had frequent headaches. Also, severe pressure in the jaw can be a sign of wisdom teeth coming in.

Can you use Orajel after wisdom tooth extraction for pain?

It would probably help.

Can wisdom teeth comin in make you get an earache and clogged ear?

Ear problems are possible but usually secondery symptoms to a third molar tooth eruption.The primary symptoms would usually be swelling and/or pain to the teeth and gum tissue,and bone in the area near the erupting tooth.

What if you get food trapped after a wisdom tooth extraction?

If you get food trapped in the hole where a wisdom tooth or any tooth was, be sure to rinse very well to dislodge the food. Failure to do so can cause infection and pain.

Will penicillin v help wisdom tooth pain?

Yes it helps fight inflamation of the gums which can be the cause of the pain

What are some ways of numbing wisdom tooth pain?

There are several remedies for numbing wisdom tooth pain. Among these is rinsing with warm salty water. Also, tablets one would take for a headache can also be effective.

Should you take out your wisdom tooth?

If you have problems like irritation or pain or it obstructs movement then you should.The wisdom tooth create problems for many but only remove it if you face problem.

What can pregnant women take for severe wisdom tooth pain?

THE BEST THING TO TAKE is a trip to the dentist to have the "severely painful" wisdom tooth removed. I would think a localized shot of Novacaine would be much safer for your unborn baby, as opposed to taking ANY kind of pain killer orally. Plus, if your wisdom tooth is VERY painful, it's probably IMPACTED, so you could eat pain killers every day and it won't CURE it. It will only treat your symptoms (tooth pain), and will not get to the ROOT (get it?? root haha) of the problem. So please go see Dr. Happytooth as soon as possible. GOOD LUCK !

What are some signs of infection after wisdom tooth extraction?

Swelling near the jawbone, severe pain, possible pain in the tongue

What is the complication of wisdom tooth extraction?

One of the common complications are pain and delayed healing. This wisdom tooth extraction is what dentist call as minor oral surgey. Read the article here

Does wisdom tooth eruption cause facial mild facial swelling and for how long?

My wisdom tooth is erupting I can see half of the tooth, the other half is still behind gum and I to have pain and swelling, but no sign of infection. The tooth is straight, no decay and I am just riding out the pain taking paracetamol plus, aspirin or ibuprofen and codein

How long with the throbbing pain last after wisdom tooth removal?

a good week take a tylonal

Should you use ice or heat to ease the pain of an infected wisdom tooth area?


When can you get rid of the pain of an erupting wisdom tooth?

TYLENOL! Tylenol will help ease the pain if it still has pain after the Tylenol then i recommend seeing the doctor asap!