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a bad technique (never saw movie)

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Q: What techniques were used in the film Snake Pit 1948?
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What film techniques were used in the movie 'Spider Man'?

Many of the techniques were used on the computer.

Techniques used in the film mean girls?

costume, language long shot ect

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Fish and chips, pizza etc.

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Themes, or 'thematic concerns', are issues or concepts covered by works of literature and works of art. Some such ideas or concepts are intentionally discussed, portrayed or promoted by the author or artist; others may be unintentionally implied. Various techniques, including literary techniques, punctual techniques, advertising techniques, film techniques and visual techniques, are used to demonstrate the text's thematic concerns.

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You can review the site, below, and learn more about the basics of editing film. Every director choose the primary techniques that fit the story s/he is telling.

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