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I think "THE COUNCIL OF GODS" by Jose P. Rizal means that there are many humans in the Earth that are talented in literature, and we should not compare them in others because they're uinque.

The council of the gods means " A debate from the gods where they award the Trumpet,laurel and lyre..

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Dramatic works of rizal?

the council of gods on the banks of pasig river and many more...

Poem of Jose rizal entitled the council of the god?

this writings of Rizal tells us the importance of our Gods, that we should learned by religions and do the right doings which can give moral values to each of us.

What is the duration of The Council of the Gods?

The duration of The Council of the Gods is 1.78 hours.

Play written by Jose rizal?

Beside the Pasig (Sa Tabi ng Pasig) and The Council of the Gods (Sanggunian ng mga Diyus-Diyosan) ------------------------------------ copies can be downloaded from http://thisisphilippines.blogspot.com/

Through Education The Country Receives Light By Jose Rizal?

the intimate alliance of religion and education through education the country receives light to the filipino youth to the flowers of heidelberg the council of the gods

How many Greek gods and goddesses are there altogether?

there are 12 main Greek gods/goddesses. they sit on a council and make all the decisions. Zeus is the head of this council. there are many other minor gods/goddesses, but they are not very important. think of them like patron saints. some are more important than others. the patron saint of love is important, but the patron saint of taxi drivers is not as important. :-) (and yes, there is actually a patron saint of taxi drivers) the same is true of the minor Greek gods/goddesses. concentrate on the council of 12, though, for all your mythological research. i doubt you will find much, if anything, on the minor gods.

What are the main responsibilities of a Greek gods?

The Greek Gods' responsibilities were specified to whateverregionor activity there were in charge of. They also had to vote ondecisions in the Olympian council with the other gods.

All the novels of Dr Jose rizal?

what are the response to the novels of rizal

Achievements of rizal as a student?

all academic achievement of jose rizal

How meny greek gods are there?

Think of something, anything. The Greeks had a god for that. By doing that they had almost an infinite amount of gods and goddesses. For the major gods on the Council there are twelve or thirteen.

Who did the council of the gods agree to let come home and recover his kingdom?

The gods allowed Odysseus to come home and reclaim his kingdom.

What is brindis of Jose rizal all about?

Brindis in Jose Rizal means "toasts"

Who were the gods and goddesses who lived on mount Olympus?

None of the gods lived on Olympos all the time except for Hera and Zeus and the minor gods. The Council of the Gods include Zeus, Poseidon, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Dionysus, Hades, Hera, Hermes, and Hestia. These are the Olympian deities.

What is Zeus of all gods?

he is the king of the gods -- NOT the father of all the gods

What is the roman temple to all gods called?

The Roman temple to all the gods is called the Pantheon.The Roman temple to all the gods is called the Pantheon.The Roman temple to all the gods is called the Pantheon.The Roman temple to all the gods is called the Pantheon.The Roman temple to all the gods is called the Pantheon.The Roman temple to all the gods is called the Pantheon.The Roman temple to all the gods is called the Pantheon.The Roman temple to all the gods is called the Pantheon.The Roman temple to all the gods is called the Pantheon.

Why was El important to the Canaanites?

AnswerThe West Semitic people believed that each nation had its own god to protect the nation's interests. Psalm 82 talks of El presiding over the Divine Council of gods. El was the father of all the gods.

The council of the god by Jose Rizal?

bobo ng site nyo....... nag tatanong ako.... ako rin ang sasagot....?

What are the realms of the greek gods and goddesses?

there were 12 main gods, and they all sat together on a sort of council. however, there were many other minor gods, much the same way we have patron saints. some of them are important, like the patron saint of love; and some aren't, like the patron saint of taxi drivers. :-) the same was true of the greek gods.

What was the heavenly council in the Old Testament?

The Heavenly Council, or Council of the gods, is mentioned in Psalm 82: "God [elohim] stands in the divine council [literally, council of El];among the gods [elohim] he pronounces judgement.How long will you [plural] judge unjustly,showing favour to the wicked? Selah.Judge the wretched and the orphan,vindicate the lowly and the poor,rescue the wretched and the needy;save them from the hand of the wicked.They neither know nor understand,they go about in darkness;all the foundations of the earth totter.I said, "you [plural] gods [elohim],sons of the Most High, all of you [plural];but you [plural] shall die as men do,fall like any prince.Arise [the command is singular], O God [elohim],judge [the command is singular] the earth,for you [singular] shall inherit all the nations. "Note: Strictly speaking, elohim is plural, but when used (as in the first line) with a singular verb, it refers to God - this is something like a royal plural. When used with a plural verb or other part of speech, it simply means 'gods'. Genesis tells us that all the nations had their patron god.This heavenly council was presided over by God, who told the gods that they judged unjustly and favoured the wicked. He condemned them to die like men and thus he would inherit all the nations of the earth.

What are the names of all the Hindu gods?

There are millions if not billions. All the gods on the planet are considered part of the Hindu gods. One can not name all the Hindu gods.

What is the message of Hymn to Labor by Rizal?

The message was all about the laborer in Lipa. Before Rizal leave in Calamba the laborer in Lipa requested Rizal to wrote a poem.

Who were Jose Rizal's siblings?

saturnina rizal paciano rizal narcisa rizal olympia rizal lucia rizal maria rizal jose protacio rizal concepcion rizal josephina(panggoy) rizal trinidad rizal soledad rizal

Who are exempted to study rizal law?

All non-filipinos are exempted in the study of the life and works of rizal.

How many brothers and sisters of Dr Jose Rizal?

they are all 11 siblings including rizal himself :)

Why did recto impose the rizal law?

Claro Recto imposed the Rizal Law as a way of paying honor to Rizal and other heroes that were being forgotten about. The Rizal Law made it mandatory for the teachings of these heroes in all schools.

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