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the cops will probly confiscate it and you have to pay to get it back or get a parent to get it back

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Where in Toronto Canada can one purchase pocket watches?

In Toronto, Canada one can purchase pocket watches from 'Sears' where they have numerous pocket watches one can buy. They can also be purchased from 'CanadaJewellery'.

Are pocket bikes illegal in Canada?

pocket bikes are NOT illegal in Canada but i don't know the laws about driving them

Is x1 super pocket bike street legal?

Pocket bikes, also known as mini motorcycles are not designed to be ridden on public streets or highways.

Can a 15 year old ride a pocket bike in Toronto Ontario?


Am i allowed to ride pocket bikes in Toronto specifically Richmond hill. my friends told me i can but it says i can't help PSi meant like sidewalk not streets lol thanks?

NO, pocket bikes are illegal on public roads anywhere in Canada. The only place you can drive your pocket bike is on a actual track for pocket bikes or private property. If you want to ride on the streets you can, but waatch out for people complaining and the cops.

Are pocket bikes legal in Wisconsin?

Pocket bikes, also known as mini motorcycles, do not meet federal safety standards because of their small size. Because of this, they cannot be registered in Wisconsin and are not legal there.

How do you get complete wiring for an X2 super pocket bike?

At Ronin CYcle Parts you can find wiring diagrams and service manuals for types of motorcycles including pocket bikes.

Where can one purchase a pocket bike?

One can purchase a pocket bike from the following sources: Mini Pocket Rockets, Join 2 Buy UK, Pocket Bike Canada, Scooter Depot, Pocket Bikes Unlimited.

What do humans do to cougars?

Cougars were excessively hunted in the past resulting in them being largely extirpated in eastern North America except for a pocket in Florida. Hunting of the cougar is banned in much of South America and highly regulated in the western US and Canada.

Does Canada have a Sovereign coin?

Yes they do. 'S over in THEIR pocket, NOT in mine...

What has the author Joanna Ebbutt written?

Joanna Ebbutt has written: 'Insight Pocket Guides Toronto' -- subject(s): Guidebooks

Is there a desert in Canada?

Yes there is a desert in Canada in British Columbia's Okanagan valley.Yes, there is. The Great Basin Desert in the USA stretches a little up into Canada, and it is called a "pocket desert".

What are pocket gophers?

pocket gophers live in Canada they are harmless. They live in grassy areas. They can be 12-20 centimeters long. They are burrowing rodents. For more information go

Are any Pocket Rockets rated for highway driving?

Yes, Pocket Rockets are rated for highway driving. Pocket Rockets are legal in Canada and most other states. Check local your local laws for more information. Pocket Rockets and other motorcycle License required in most states.

What are the laws for pocket bikes in Canada?

check this website out:

Where can you buy a relic hunter folding pocket crossbow?

you can buy them at BASS PRO SHOP if you live in Canada

What is the value colt 1874 22 cal pocket pistol?

I have seen one being sold in Canada for $1500

Where is the Pocket Rockets Poker League located?

The Pocket Rockets Poker League is located in Brampton, Ontario region of Canada. They hold various meetings throughout the year and one can find the dates on their website.

Are pocket bikes street legal in Washington?

The short answer is No. "Pocket Bikes" are NOT street legal in Washington. Pocket bikes, pocket rockets, and other similar type of mini motorcycles are small, fast, and manufactured primarily as a racing bike and intended for Off-Road Use Only. In WA State pocket bikes may not be legally operated on public roads. Additionally, they may not be operated on sidewalks, bike lanes, trails, or anyplace prohibiting the use of motorized vehicles. Pocket bikes are similar in performance to a motor-driven cycle or a motorcycle. Pocket bikes may meet the definition of a motorcycle outlined in Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 46.04.330, however pocket bikes do not meet many of the equipment requirements for motorcycles that may be legally operated on roadways. The defined requirements are outlined in statutes and include: a minimum wheel base of three feet six inches (RCW 46.44.050); minimum headlamp height of 24 inches (RCW 46.37.523); minimum tail lamp height of 15 inches (RCW 46.37.525); two mirrors (RCW 46.37.400); pneumatic rubber tires (RCW 46.37.420); and others. Pocket bikes are also not manufactured with a conforming 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN), indicating the manufacturer did not meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), which are required if a motor vehicle is operated on public roads. Drivers of motorcycles must also have a valid driver's license, a motorcycle endorsement, and must wear a helmet.

What part of speech is the word pocket?

Pocket is a noun (a pocket) and a verb (to pocket).

Should all firearms should be banned in the UK?

no people need the right to defend themselves with something besides a pocket knife or a pot and pan. this is why crime is so high in england

What is a pocket vote?

you mean pocket vote or pocket veto?

What is pocket calculator?

pocket calculator is a calculator that we keep in our pocket

Are pocket bikes legal to drive in new york?

"Mini Pocket Bikes" are legal to drive in New York!Mini pocket bikes are used both for transportaion and having the thrill ofriding a motorcycle without the high-cost of buying a real one."IF HE/SHE IS RIDING A "MINI POCKET BIKE" THAT PERSON has to BE WEARING === A HELMET IF HE/SHE FAILS TO DO SO HE WILL BE SUMMONED A TICKET"-HE/SHE MUST BE 11 YEARS OR OLDER TO RIDE THIS MINI POCKET BIKE!!THE MINI POCKET BIKE CAN BE DRIVEN ON THE FOLLOWING PLACES:-PUBLIC ROAD!-SIDEWALK(WATCH FOR PEOPLE AND CARS ENTERING AND LEAVING DRIVEWAY)-ANY LOCAL PARK WITH BIG OPEN FIELDS!-THESE LITTLE MOTORCYCLES ARE STREET LEGAL IN ALL OF THE FIVE(5) BOROUGHS!!THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY!Mini pocket bike are legal to own and also ride in new York city And the pocket bike also has to be EPA Approved and Certified RIDE SAFELY!!I HOPE THIS LINK WAS HELPFULL CODE Fi092364

What is the synonym for the phrase 'out-of-pocket'?

To be out of pocket means literally Out of money