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What to do if your husband says you are not a good mom?

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April 23, 2007 7:48PM

You have to ask yourself if you are or not. Ask your husband to give you examples of what being a good mom means and where he feels you are slipping as far as motherhood. His idea of being a good mother may well be warped. If you feel it is, then remind him that it's just not the mother that brings up the children, but the father should be involved as well and both of you should be working together raising the children. If there is no validity to his accusations then tell him you aren't putting up with him talking to you like this and if you have any grievances with him such as he doesn't spend time with the children, or you work, come home and have to do everything else while he sits around remind him that he can always get another job, make more money and you'll happily stay home and give all your attention to the children. It's time to start communicating and not fighting with each other, but working together to bring your children up as independent and strong young adults.