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It is a goof on his part. You can take it seriously or not, but remember he is with you.

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Q: What to do when your husband keep calling you the ex wife name during love making?
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How do you get your ex husband to talk to you?

you keep on calling him.

Should you have anything to worry about if the new husband keep calling you by the ex wife name?


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Is it okay that husband's best friend is making my husband keep secrets from me that are about me. Even though we founded our relationship on know secrets?

Your question is too cmplicated... I can't even figure out what you are asking.

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Why does he keep asking you out even though you are the one calling him?

If you are calling him, he naturally assumes that you may be interested enough in him to want to go out with him. That's why he keeps asking you out. If you don't want to go out with him, don't keep calling him.

Is it okay that husband's best friend is making my husband keep secrets from me that are about me. Even though we founded our relationship on no secrets?

How can he keep a secret from you that is about you? If it's about you, you must already know it. Not a best friend or anyone can make him do anything. He chooses to do whatever he does. He must not be very good at it if you know he is doing it.

If your husband bought you a puppy and in front of the seller said it was a gift would you be able to keep the puppy during and after a divorce?

If it was a gift, yes.

Why does your ex husband keep calling you?

It depends. Are you currently with someone else beacause if you are you should definitely figure out why he is calling you. But if you have just seperated maybe hes ringing to apologise. You definitely need to have a conversation (on the phone with others around if your not comfortable face to face) and find out exactly whats happening

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