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What tools are required to change the front axle of a 96 Cavalier Z24 LS?


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2011-09-13 14:33:57
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To change the front axle on a cavalier is a little rigerours first of all. you will need the following tool: Air Compresser, impact gun, 18mm impact socket, 29mm impact socket, and a pry bar of some sort. take off the desired tire, then disconect the tie-rod (18mm impact socket), then you wat the use the same socket to take the two (2) Bolts off of the shock assembly (please note, when the car is off the ground, the shoak is fully extended.) With the 29mm impact socket and gun, take off the nut at the center of the hub (there is a washer behind the nut so keep you eye on it.) when the nut is off you can not manhandle the axel out of the hub, or disconnect the hub from the lower control arm. this will allow full access to the axel. The next thing you do is to use the pry-bar to break the axel free of the transmission. then finally you take your new axel and do everything in the reverce order. I'm a proud Chevy owner and i hope this will help you. Thank you for allowing me to help.


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