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What tools would you need to change brake pads on a 1992 aerostar?

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All you need is a screwdriver and a hammer.You just knock out the two pins on the caliper,change the pads and tap the pins back in.

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How do you install brake pads on a 1992 Aerostar?

the same way you would on any car

What tools would you need to replace Front brake pads?

The tools you would need to replace front brake pads are, a wrenche (size varies depending on vehicle type), a clamp tool, and brake pads.

How to change brake shoes?

Only take apart one wheel at a time so that you will have the other wheel to use for comparison. A few basic inexpensive brake tools would be helpful. Ask your local auto parts store to help you with the tools needed.

What is these brake bleeder tools and what do they do for you?

Brake bleeding is performed to insure you do not have bubbles in your brake line. If you had bubbles, it would cause your breaks to not work right. You can bleed your breaks if you have a friend help you, the procedure is pretty straight forward. The brake bleeder tools help you accomplish the task easier.

How do you change brake lines on a 91 Chevy Lumina and can it be done by a non mechanic with some common sense?

I would say as long as you have the right tools and then know how to bleed the lines after you should be fine

How would experiments change if there were no tools to use?

Technically, there would just be a different result.

What tools would you need to bleed the brake lines on a Vehicle?

You will need a wrench as well as an oil pan to catch the excess drainage.

Guide to brakes and how to change them.?

Well the first thing that you would want to do is to check your vehicles brake fluid. Typically, if the brake fluid is low then your brake pads probably need to be changed.

What tools should be used to cut a brake line?

For the purpose of making a repair, a tubing cutter would be the tool you want. Just be sure to use the proper methods of repairing brake lines such as using a double flare or bubble end depending on the vehicle. There are tools to do that job also.

How much oil for 4.0 aerostar?

The 4.0 liter OHV , V6 engine in my 1995 Ford EXPLORER holds : With engine oil filter change : ( 4.7 litres / 5.0 U.S. quarts of 5W-30 engine oil ) I assume your Aerostar would be the same

What type of engine oil does a 1993 ford aerostar XL use?

A 1993 Ford Aerostar would have come from the factory with ( 5W-30 )

Can I change my car's brake pads by myself?

You would have to change the brake pads in your vehicle every 15,000 miles or sooner. It depends on how much you drive your vehicle. The more your drive, the earlier you have to replace the brakes.

How to do self brakes auto repair?

You would need a car jack & the brake pads. You would also need a couple more things such as a car tools & some brake pad oil. Its a very messy job but well worth the safety.

How do you change rear brake pads on a 1999 GMC Sierra pickup?

The same way you would change them on any other vehicle

What is the best way to change your own brake pads?

The best way to chance your own brake pads would be to make sure you know that the problem is really the brake and then go to AutoZone and buy a new brake and follow the instructions in the manual

How do you change the transmission on an 89 Ford Aerostar and what tools will you need?

Aerostars are pretty easy except the 4 wheel model. I would suggest going and spending 12.00 to 15.00 on a cheap manuel. there are quit afew steps to take. this will help you understand all that is needed. As for tools a metric wrench and socket set should due. Im not sure but, you my need a quick disconnect tool for the trans cooler lines

When should you change your front or rear brake pads for 2005 Toyota Avalon XLS and what is the best brand and price are there?

Well, you change them when it needs it.. most decent brakes have a mechinisim on them that will start to gradually squeel when the brakes get low, however some dont have that. So I would suggest that you get someone to take the front tire off and visually check the width of the brake pads.. if they are low then i would advise to change them.. also, it doesnt really matter the brand, but i would recommend a ceramic brake.. low brake dust etc...

How do you change brake rotors on a 1997 4 wheel drive Ford Ranger?

these rotors are slide on, so the are rusted around hub, you could beat them loose with a hammer or if can use air tools an air chissel with hammer end would do the trick

What do you do if your 1995 aerostar van won't come out of park when you have the brakes pushed in?

Try moving the steering wheel at same time If moving the steering wheel does not work, it is likely a problem with the Brake/Shift Interlock switch located at the brake pedal lever. It maybe that a wire is broken or, the switch is bad. I had this problem with a 1997. The brake light fuse was blown because of a trailer. With the brake fuse blown, it would not come out of Park.

Describe three ways to change the velocity of a moving car?

As velocity is a vector, the three ways would be to: Brake; Accelerate; or Change direction.

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