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What training do you need to become a wedding planner?


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no special training or education is needed to become a wedding planner, no experience is needed.


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There are no math classes you need to take to become a wedding planner. You don't need certain training or a specific degree. There are wedding planner classes you can take, but they are not heavy in math.

Special training is not required in order to become a wedding planner, but it is recommended. There are several places that can teach you the ins and outs of the job, as well as teach you tips for dealing with customers, business, and the like.

no you do not need a degree to become a wedding planer. but you can have a degree

You need to be a legal adult (18+)

The role of the wedding planner will develop. In order to become more of a mainstream job in large companies, the industry needs to become more welcoming and has to begin to understand the role of the wedding planner and coordinator. Equally brides and grooms also need to begin to spend time understanding how a wedding planner can help them and enhance their wedding planning experience. Hopefully, Wedding Planner jobs in the future will be rewarding, well paid and plentiful, with some companies leading the way in training, career paths and recognition.

You do not need any kind of legal certification to become a wedding planner. You should have a decent amount of planning experience.

Start looking online and in your local phone directory for wedding planner courses and businesses. Find out what you need to do to acquire a license for wedding planning.

She didn't have a Wedding Planner. Alex and Katie both decided that they didn't need a Wedding Planner to plan there Wedding.

GCSEs are a high school qualification in Britain. You don't need any specific GCSEs to become a wedding planner. However, having Math's, English and Science would help.

Answeryou probably will because you have alot of running around to do?AnswerYes you need a car to be a wedding planner because yo uhave to carry wedding items back and forth.ByeAnswerYes you need a car to be a wedding planner because yo uhave to carry wedding items back and forth.ByeAnswerYes you need a car to be a wedding planner because yo uhave to carry wedding items back and forth.Bye

You are not required to have a certificate to be a wedding planner, however, if you are a certified wedding planner, more clients would want you and intern you will probably make more money.

The Sheffield School offers a course in wedding and even planning. You can check them out at they are among the best with offering degrees in this department.

A high school diploma is enough to be a wedding planner. Obtaining a degree in business management, or event planning and management will help any wedding planner career.

We can easily find a wedding planner over internet. You just need to give information about the venue and the budget.

A wedding planner is helpful if you're planning a bigger wedding and there are lots of things that need to be taken care of . Using a wedding planner is a great way of having a much more stress free experience in the planning stages.

about 2 or 3 years cuz u aint need that much preparation to be a dam wedding planner cuz peoplez can do it them selves

if u are a wedding planner then it is a good thing to have somr skills?

To become certified, you will need a 2-year associate degree or a four-year bachelor's degree.Thanks

Not always. Many people plan their own weddingsthemselves.

The wedding planner is the one that should tell you how many times you need to see him or her. It generally takes three meetings. Going the first time to talk over prices and deciding what you want the wedding planner to do; another meeting to go over everything the wedding planner has been asked to do and then a third time to go over it just to be sure everything is done by the wedding planner that you want done and to pay the bill.

what training do you need to become an obstetrician? what training do you need to become an obstetrician?

None. It helps to be artistic and to be good with people, but no degrees are needed just talent, money, and connections.

No, physics has nothing to do with planning weddings.

You can go online to a website such as Wedding Planner and it will guide you through everything you need to plan your own wedding. This is the cheapest option, rather than hiring someone else to do it for you.

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