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What type of bond would form with carbon and hydrogen?

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Carbon and hydrogen form a covalent bond as they are both nonmetals.

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What type of bond will hydrogen form with carbon?

Hydrogen form a covalent bond with carbon.

Can carbon form a hydrogen bond?

Carbon can bond with four hydrogens to formCH4

Can carbon form ionic bond with hydrogen?

No, you need a metal to form an ionic bond. Hydrogen and carbon are non-metals.

Would CH4 have a triple bond?

No, carbon is bonded only to hydrogen in this molecule and hydrogen can only form a single bond.

Would C and H form a covalent bond?

Yes carbon and hydrogen form covalent bonds.

How many hydrogen atoms does carbon bond with to form methane?

Four hydrogen atoms bond to carbon to form methane, and thus methane has the formula CH4.

What do hydrogen and carbon form?

CH bond forms carbon acids

Can carbon and hydrogen form an ionic bond yes or no?

No.Because, they form a covalent bond between them.

Is carbon and hydrogen a hydrogen bond in a molecule?

Carbon and Hydrogen cannot form H bonds.If they are in same molecule,they form covalent bonds mostly.

Is the bond between carbon and hydrogen single?

yes,it is single bond as hydrogen doesn't have enough electrons to form double bond

Is carbon and hydrogen a hydrogen bond?

No, it is not, it is a co-valent bond. hydrogen bond is much weaker (5-30kJ/mol) to form a stable compound like methane or mostly all of the hydrocarbons with the carbon hydrogen bond (bond energy 413kJ/mol) present in them.

Does acetone have hydrogen bond?

No. The hydrogen in acetone only bonds with carbon, and not with the oxygen. In order to form hydrogen bonds a bond hydrogen must bond with with nitrogen, oxygen, or fluorine.

What kind of bond between hydrogen and carbon?

They form covalent bond with each other.

How do you use the word chemical bond in a sentence?

usually carbon and hydrogen form a chemical bond.

Which type of bond is not formed by carbon?

Carbon forms covalent bond (in all organic compounds), inorganic bond (in metal carbides) and coordinate bond (in metal carbonyls).Carbon does not form metallic bond or hydrogen bond.

What elements form a hydrogen bond?

Fluorine, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon only. The first three are very electronegative elements bond with hydrogen to form hydrogen bonding. Carbon can also participate in hydrogen bonding, especially when the carbon atom is bound to several electronegative atoms, as is the case in fluoroform, CHF3.

What happens hydrogen and carbon during combustion and what is formed as a result?

The heat causes the carbon to bond with oxygen and form CO2. The hydrogen becomes Hydrogen Gas which is H2.

Could carbon and hydrogen form a covalent bond?

They do all the time in hydrocarbons and carbohydrates to name two ways carbon covalently bonds to hydrogen.

Which element would need to be removed from the molecule to make it unsaturated?

It would have to loose a hydrogen atom to form a double bond between two carbon atoms.

What type of bond would form between carbon and oxygen atoms?

Since Carbon and Oxygen are both nonmetals, a bond between them would be a covalent bond.

What type of bond form between carbon and hydrogen?

They will form a covalent bond, which means they will share electrons to achieve noble gas electron configuration. Carbon and hydrogen combine in many different ways, thanks to carbon's chemical versatility and hydrogen's high reactivity.

Can H2 have a hydrogen bond?

No, as there is no electronegative atom to form hydrogen bond.

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