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What type of cancer is linked to a virus?


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A type of cancer that is linked to a virus is Cervical cancer. Cervical cancer developes from an infection with a strain of human papillomavirus.


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HPV or Human Papilloma Virus, has been linked to Genital Warts and Cervical Cancer. AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is caused by the HIV Virus.

NO! Are you kidding me? It's infections, your going to get viruses depending on the type of cancer you get. And cancer has viruses.

I would assume it would be Lung cancer, throat cancer, mouth cancer, etc.

carotenoid's has not been linked to cancer from the studies that have been done...

Both oral cancer and lung cancer are.

No, but some on women they are linked to a type of cancer on women so boy yore lucky.

No. HIV is a virus which invades from outside the body. Cancer is one's own cells inside the body which grow uncontrollably.

Since there is no medical evidence linking cancer to a virus, I would class it as a disease!

No; they are a different virus.

Nicotine in tobacco is linked to (when tobacco is kept in mouth) oral cancer and to (when smoke is inhaled) pulmonary cancer.

It is known as Leukemia caused by virus called by Human T-Lymphotroipc Virus.

Estrogen doesn't cause breast cancer but certainly estrogen can be linked to breast cancer. This is why hormonal birth control such as the combination pill is strongly linked to breast cancer.

I bet I can answer this question. In fact, I think my cure would work. You need a sample of any type of virus because that will be the key. The virus will infect the tumor. A virus is a bad thing like cancer. Once the tumor is infected badly, the tumor is exposed. When the tumor is gone, the virus will go to infect the immune system (Where there are some cancer cells) will kill them. When all the cancer is gone, give the patient some Antibiotics to kill the virus. That is my cure. Hope you people out there like it!

HPV is the most common virus associated with increased risk of developing cervical cancer.

Genital herpes virus does not cause cancer in cervix, but may contribute to it.

Bacilli is a class of bacteria that includes both beneficial and harmful bacteria. Bacteria have not been linked with cervical cancer. HPV is a virus that is known to cause genital warts and is responsible for almost all cervical cancer. There are many different strains, and you can get vaccinated (Gardasil) against four of them, including two strains that cause 70% of cervical cancer. There is no way to kill the virus once you have contracted it

Epstein Barr virus is a virus caused by a type of herpes. Epstein Barr has been known to lead to hard to treat Mono, MS, and various kinds of cancer.

I'm not sure .But I will not try! It is believed that Cancer actually presents itself when there is the presence of some virus in the immune system. Epstein Barr Virus( mononucleosis virus) is linked to Leukemia. Normally after a person has Mono, the body rids itself of the Epstein Barr virus after a few years. In Leukemia patients, in many cases, the virus is still present in the immune system or "lymphatic" system. There is a direct correlation to viruses and Cancer. Many therapies today for Cancer use what are called...Immunotherapy. Helping the immune system fight the cancer with a little help. I had B Cell Lymphoma and was treated with Immunotherapy drugs for 2 years. It is gone. Not all cancers can be treated this way.

Cancer is a mutation of the cells, neither a virus or bacteria, genetics are considered a cause of cancer, along with a lot of myths like microwaves

No it is not. It is a virus.

No. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is a virus that has the potential to cause cancer and/or genital warts. Just because you have HPV does not mean you have or will have cancer, but we now it is the primary cause of several types of cancer.

no. But it has been linked to getting u high. :D

Natural Killer Cells induce apoptosis in cancer cells and virus infected cells.

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