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What type of coolant does a 93 Chevy s10 blazer take?


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Originally it would have had DexCool.

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The original coolant would have been "DexCool". The cooling system should be flushed and coolant replaced every 5 years or 100K miles if you use DexCool.

If the Blazer is gasoline powered the antifreeze can be any kind that is for sale for gasoline powered vehicles.

A NAPA 1040 or the NAPA 1036 will do.

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It depends on the climate but a 5W-30 works in most cases.

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probably no because Chevy changed the type of fuel injection and it probably operates at a different pressure.

It depends on your climate but in most cases it would take 5W-30.

dot 3 i believe should say on cap or in owners manuel

Freon is R12. Your 1997 Chevy uses R134 Refrigerant.

A Chevrolet Blazer with a 4.3 liter vortec engine will take approximately 6 quarts of oil. The recommended type of oil is 5 W 30.

Unbolt it. It may be held up with "Torx" head type bolts.

A 1987 Chevy Blazer uses R12 refrigerant as shipped from the factory. Most have been converted to the more environmentally friendly R134a.

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The thermostat might need to be replaced. or the coolant level mite be low. it is a sign that it is. and also the type of coolant used if not flushed and replaced tends to clog the heater core. try flushing it out. lastly you have a bad intake gasket and leaking coolant out. 4.3's are notorious for this.

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