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Stalinist Dictatorship

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Russia was communist. During WW2 Russia was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic--the USSR.

All three were dictatorships. Russia = Stalin Italy = Mussolini Germany = Hitler

In the 1990's following the fall of communism, Russia had (and still has) a parliamentary system of government, much like that of most of the nations in the world.

A communist government was formed after the 1917 Revolution.

* Russia has a Republic form of Government

what type of government did germany and italy have during ww2?

Russia has an cummunist government

It was as it is today a democracy government

It is the type of government in old Russia.

Russia's type of government is a dual system.

Russia under Stalin was a dictatorship.

Nazi Germany was a facist type of government.Nazi Germany had a facist and a dictator government.

Poland had the same government that they have today, a democracy.

in russia their type of government was like athiests they beleived there is no God.

Since 1993, Russia has been a representative democracy.a federation

federationSince 1993, Russia has been a representative democracy.

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