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What type of governments do North and Soth Korea have?


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South Korea, or the Republic of Korea, has a democratic government.North Korea, or Democratic People's Republic of Korea, ironically isn't a democratic state but it has a communist government.Hope this helps :)

They all have COMMUNIST governments, but beside that they are very different. China has a Leninist Communist Dictatorship, Cuba has a Communist Autocracy, and North Korea is a Dynastic Communist State.

North Korea has an autocratic type of citizen participation

North Korea has a command economy.that they developingsee link below

For all intents and purposes, North Korea is a totalitarian monarchy.

The Government North Korea has today is a Dictatorship. Kim Jong-Il rules the country with mighty power.

North Korea is a one-party, socialist, and dictatorial state. The official political ideology of North Korea is called Juche, a combination of Marxist-Leninist principles and self-reliance/self-dependence.

It is impossible to answer this question without more information.

The North Korean won in the north and the South Korean won in the south

All of these three countries, China, Vietnam, and North Korea are COMMUNIST STATES. However, China and Vietnam are properly classified as Leninist Communist States whereas North Korea is a Dynastic Communist State.

More than you can imagine. That's all I can say.

Officially, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (commonly known as "North Korea" and "Korea DPR") operates under a Juche socialist republic-type government, not a communism. However, in the eyes of the outside public, North Korea is a communist country and, in some extreme views, a dictatorship.A Juche-style government relies heavily on the motto of "self-dependence". Because of this, North Korea is an extremely isolated nation, torn from the outside world. And, as a result, North Korea's economy reflects on this.

Type of Government: DYNASTIC COMMUNIST STATECurrent Leader (as of 2016): KIM JONG-UN

communist, as does Cuba, Laos, China, and North Korea

North Korea has always had a communist government. More specifically, it has always had a communist government led by either Kim, Il-Sung, or one of his descendants.

mostly language, type of food, army system,etc

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Which Korea? There's a pretty substantial difference between the two. And what exactly does "governmental beliefs" mean? I think they mean what is the type of government in either korea... maybe north and south....

there is little or no effect on what type of government the nation has. both unitary and federal systems can have political parties, regional governments, local governments and a constitution. In a unitary form of government, the main powers rest with the central government and the states (or the provincial governments) enjoy the powers that are appointed to them by the central government . China , North Korea , and Cuba , along with others are communist based government with a unitary system .

Its A Peninsula, because all of it together make up a peninsula.

Realistically speaking, it's a relatively banal form of absolute (or totalitarian) dictatorship.

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