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What type of housing did pharaohs live in?


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September 13, 2011 2:56PM

The Pharaoh's lived in grand palaces built by the peasants.

While I'm sure that Pharaohs palaces was indeed on a much grander scale than other Egyptian homes they we not built by "peasants". They we built by artisans and craftsmen out of mud bricks the same as any other Egyptian home. The Egyptians used stone for religious structure that were intended to last forever.

The peasants lived in "waddle and dab" huts, near the niles shifting shores. The pharaohs lived in nicely apportioned tents. One can find examples of afterlife chambers being carved to imitate the pharoahs tents, replete with tent poles. Given the amount of labor for stone work, it's use in Egyptian architecture remained the provinance of religious temples.

Well... Pharaohs did not live in grand palaces, Artisans made gold and silver, and peasants were called slaves. Pharaohs did live in a nicer place, only the rich people had furniture, but unlike slavery we know it was better. Slaves lived in the homes of the Upper Class where they ate what pharaohs ate, slept in nice beds, and wore the same clothing.