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What type of lithium battery has a flat discharge rate?

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the answer to this question is d : polycarbon monfloride

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Q: What type of lithium battery has a flat discharge rate?
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What is the best discharge rate for NIMH battery?

To get the rated capacity, limit the discharge rate to 0.25C

Does alkaline batteries have more power or does lithium batteries have more power?

lithium batteries have a faster current discharge rate then alkaline batteries but they cost more. The LIPO battery is used the most in RC planes.

How long it will take to discharge a 9ah battery at the rate of 30ma?

9 / .03 = 300 hrs

How does mAh affect battery life?

depends on the battery type some like a lot of discharge fast some like to have a low discharge rate. Either way mah is what the manufacture guarantee when new.

Do high capacity batteries last longer on charge?

The discharge time of a battery depends upon its Ah. capacity, Load current & rate of discharge. If a 150Ah battery rated for 10hours is discharged at 15A rate it should last upto 10 hours if the temperature and specific gravity of the electrolyte (in case of flooded type batteries) are within specified limits. If the same battery is discharged at 12.5 A it will last upto 5hours. 1. As the discharge rate increases the capacity of battery decreases. 2. As the temperature increases the capacity of battery increases.

What instrument is used when performing a high-rate discharge test on a storage battery?

A voltmeter and an ammeter

What is discharge and recharge cycles in batteries?

Discharge cycle is the rate at which a battery i used to do work it changes with the load. Charging cycle is the time required for the same battery to reach a point whereas is ready to do work again, BOTH RATES ARE SET BY THE BATTERY MANUFACTURE FOR OPTIMUM LIFE EXPECTANCY.

How many watts to charge 12 volts?

To charge a battery amperage is needed. This is done with a battery charger that supplies an amperage to the battery when the battery is connected to it. The rate of charge is dependant upon the discharge condition of the battery. The time to charge the battery is dependant upon the rating output of the battery charger.

How we can convert diminishing rate to flat rate?

diminishing rate / 1.85 = flat rate

How much would it cost to ship a battery charger?

It depend on how large your battery charger is, but the largest flat rate shipping box cost $10.50 although it will probably be less then that price. To find more information about flat rate shipping by going to the USPS website. (

How do you calculate battery amp hours?

C/20 is the formula most commonly used to describe a battery according to its amp hour rating; for instance a 400Ahr rated battery means that a 20 amp load placed upon the battery delivers at that rate of energy for 20 hours upon reaching the manufacturer's per cell rating, usually about 1.7 volts or 10 volts for a dead, discharged battery. There are different discharge or load ratings such as a 10 hour or 100 hour rating resulting in a different Amp Hour rating for the very same battery. A battery is an electrical potential energy source whose capacity (amount of energy density delivered over time) is determined by the rate/time over which the battery will deliver a set rate of load/discharge. The lesser the load, the longer the rate, the higher the load the shorter the rate.

Is specific gravity of lead acid cell often used as a measure of its rate of discharge?

rate of discharge

Is capacitor chargeing rate equal to discharge rate?

Yes, if the charge current is equal to the discharge current.

How long does it take to charge AAA batteries?

There are a few variables to this question that are not stated. The type of battery for example lithium of alkaline, the capacity of the battery in amp hours, the higher the capacity the longer the charge rate and the capacity output of the battery charger are a few to mention.

How many hours will a 46 Wh battery last?

The time a good battery will last generally depends on the rate of discharge. There is a fairly handy way to find out if you have a bit more information. The DigiKey battery life calculator can easily be found on the web.

What if you have electricity as a flat rate for the month is it a fixed or variable?

Flat rate = fixed.

What determines life of batteries?

What factors determine battery life?The duration of the battery charge is governed by five factors including:Physical Size - the amount of capacity that can be stored in the casing of any battery depends on the volume and plate area of the actual battery. The more volume and plate area the more capacity you can actually store in a battery.Temperature - capacity, or energy stored, decreases as a battery gets colder. High temperatures also have an effect on all other aspects of your battery.Cut off Voltage - To prevent damage to the battery and the device, batteries have an internal mechanism that stops voltage called the cut-off voltage, which is typically limited to 1.67V or 10V for a 12 Volt battery. Letting a battery self-discharge to zero destroys the battery.Discharge rate - The rate of discharge, the rate at which a battery goes from a full charge to the cut off voltage measured in amperes. As the rate goes up, the capacity goes down.Battery History - Deep discharging, excessive cycling, age, over charging, under charging, all reduce capacity. Note charging your battery 1 time will reduce capacity as much as 15%-20% depending on your battery's chemistry.

What are the differences between NiMH and NiCD batteries?

A nickel-metal hydride battery, abbreviated NiMH, is a type of rechargeable battery similar to a nickel-cadmium (NiCd) battery but using a hydrogen-absorbing alloy for the negative electrode instead of cadmium. As in NiCd batteries, the positive electrode is nickel oxyhydroxide (NiOOH).A NiMH battery can have two to three times the capacity of an equivalent size NiCd. However, compared to the lithium-ion battery, the volumetric energy density is lower and self-discharge is higher.Common AA batteries (penlight-size) have nominal charge capacities (C) ranging from 1100 mA·h to 2700 mA·h at 1.2 V, usually measured at a discharge rate of 0.2×C per hour. Useful discharge capacity is a decreasing function of the discharge rate, but up to a rate of around 1×C (full discharge in one hour), it does not differ significantly from the nominal capacity.The specific energy density for NiMH material is approximately 70 W·h/kg (250 kJ/kg), with a volumetric energy density of about 300 W·h/L (360 MJ/m³).It is common to refer to most NiMH products as Batteries, even though the word Battery refers to the grouping of multiple cells. As a result sizes AA, AAA, C and D are technically Cells while the 9V size is a real battery.

What are the elements of the pacing device in a pacemaker?

The actual pacing device contains a pulse generator, circuitry programmed to monitor heart rate and deliver stimulation, and a lithium iodide battery.

What will be the flat rate shipping costs large box?

Hi In Flat rate shipping it does not matter that what is the weight or size of your box, there is flat rate for shipment with in your country.

What the different between c10 and c20 rating of battery?

The c rating is known as the coloumb rating and indicates the rate of discharge that is recommended. A c10 will last for 10 hours with a 15 amp load, and a c20 will last for 20 hours on a 7.5 amp load. Ideally, the c10 is used in situations where you will have more charge/discharge cycles on the battery and a c20 is for high charge and discharge rates.

What is an Ni-MH battery?

nickel metal hydride; slightly higher voltage than Ni-Cd (Ni Cad, or Nickel Cadmium) and better for high current/high draw applications. Pre-2005 NiMh batteries had a higher self-discharge rate than those of today, which are typically purchased pre-charged. Li-ion (Lithium Ion) is probably a better rechargeable battery all-round.

How is the capacity of a battery measured?

The capacity of a battery is measured in two ways. Cold Cranking Amps, is the maximum current output in cold temperatures, without damage to the plates. Ampere-hours (or milliampere-hours), is the discharge rate that can be sustained for one hour. By convention, even though it is (milli)ampere-hours, it is normalized to an eight-hour rate. This means, for instance, if a battery is rated 800 mAH, it actually means the rating is 100 ma for eight hours. If a discharge rate higher (or lower) than that is encountered, then the hold-up time will be shorter (or longer) than the equivalent rate, by a factor that is dependent on the battery's design.

How much amper will be given from a battery of 4600 mah in second?

The rating of "4600 mAh" is one description of the battery's capacity. It doesn't tell you anything about the delivery or discharge rate of the battery. Those depend on the external circuit that you have connected to the battery. For example, if nothing is connected to the battery's terminaks, then the battery is giving zero amperes.

Does standard flat rate shipping come from ups or in the mail?

It would be at the discretion of the shipper. Flat rate could be either USPS, UPS, Fed-Ex or whatever method of shipping is chosen by the shipper for a "Flat Rate". Also, USPS has flat rate boxes and envelopes.