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W.R. Meadows Co. makes a product called Deck O Seal that will do the job of filling the gap between pool coping and cement deck.

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Q: What type of material do you use to repair the joints between coping tile and cement decking around a pool?
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cement is a bounding material geo polymar is the chemical composition

What will happen if expansion joint is not used between gunite pool coping and cement decking?

If the decking shifts,rises and moves it will push on the coping of the pool. Also, this helps keep water from under the pool and if the ground has moisture until it and freezes then it cause the deck to rise.

Will Greenwood untreated timber rot if it is set into cement to form a foundation support on outdoor decking?

To set untreated timber in cement is asking trouble. Only pressure treated lumber should be used as a foundation support for outdoor decking. Greenwood can also lose its original shape.

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Cement board

What is building material made from sheets of cement and asbestos?

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Cement is the only material in cement. -However, concrete is made of cement, sand, gravel and water .

What is the better decking around your pool?

Cement with a rough textured finish or paver's. Paver's are probably a slightly better choice because if anything goes wrong with the plumbing you don't have to do any concrete cutting.

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