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What type of oil for 2002 BMW 530i?

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Use exactly what BMW lists in the owners manual and nothing else. I think you will find it is SAE 5w-40 Synthetic. As far as I know only Mobil 1 meets BMW specs. So I would for sure use Mobil 1.

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Where can you find the oil stick in a 2002 BMW 530i?

It is usually located in the main engine bay close to the oil filler.

How many quarts of oil are in a BMW 530i?

7 quarts

Does a 2006 BMW 530i have a oil dip stick?

no, oil indicator in program manual.

How many quarts of oil in a 2001 BMW 530i e39?


How many quarts of oil are in a 2004 BMW 530i?

Seven quarts

How do you check the oil in a 2007 BMW 530i?

what causes the speedometer not to work

What type of oil is used in a BMW 530i?

Suitable oils: 1) BMW Synthetic Oil (typically 5W-30) 2) Mobil 1 0W-40 3) Castrol Syntec 0W-30

What specific type of oil should you put in a 2002 BMW X5?

The manufacturer recommends using 10W-30 weight oil in the 2002 BMW. A heavier motor oil can be used in extreme climates.

Where is the oil stick on 2002 BMW 745?

where is located the part where can i fill transmision oil in my 2002 bmw 745

What specific type of oil should you put in your 2002 BMW X5?

huge debate. BMW recommend Castrol non synthetic

What type of oil do you use to change the oil in a 2002 530d BMW?

The manufacturer recommends that you use 10W-30 weight motor oil in your 2002 BMW 530 diesel. You can use a 10 W-40 weight motor oil in high mileage engines.

How to Reset the oil service light FOR 2006 BMW 530I?

I contacted the BMW dealership and they told me that this model year can only be reset with a computer system hooked up to the car.

Where is the oil filter for 2002 BMW 530i located?

the oil filter is a really simple thing ,you will find it next to the power steering reservoir it does look just like another black reservoir witch it contains the oil filter inside and that' s on the top engine surface.

Where is the transmission oil dip stick located in 1995 BMW 530i?

there is no dipstick. level is checked via a removable plug on the transmission.

What type of oil 1997 540 I BMW take?

The type of oil for a 1997, BMW 540-I is a synthetic 5w40 blend.

What kind of oil should you use for your BMW 530i?

Use synthetic, change it and the filter every 5000mi. I have over 220,000 miles on mine by following that rule.

How do you turn off oil service light on 2002 BMW Z?

change the oil

What type of oil goes in a BMW 530w?

Synthetic oil only

What Type of oil for 1998 BMW 740 il?

Hash oil

What type of oil for a 1996 BMW 318i?

The type of oil used for a 1996 BMW 318i is 5W 40. This oil can be purchased at any auto parts store such as AutoZone or NAPA.

What type of oil does a BMW x5?

Castrol Full Synthetic 5w30 is what BMW recommends

What type of oil X5 BMW?

Castrol Full Synthetic 5w30 is what BMW recommends.

What type of oil does a 1993 BMW?


What type of oil do i need for 1991 BMW 318i?

10W30 oil is fine for that car. I also have a 1991 BMW 318i and my mechanic who worked for BMW for 20years says to as well.

What type of oil does a BMW 320d use?

5 / 40 fully synthetic oil