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What type of oil goes in an automatic trans of a 1996 Hyundai Accent?


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2005-05-04 02:30:20
2005-05-04 02:30:20

Hyundai has its service manuals on line HERE Click on the Shop tab, enter your car's information and search away. Direct link to your question Also check out this forum There are a lot of DIYers and tuners that do a lot of work on their own cars. Since the last person's link didn't work, according to Haynes, it's Mopar ATF Plus Type 7176 automatic transmission fluid (6.8 quarts)


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According to my research, A MANUAL transmission 1996 Hyundai Accent weighs 2105 pounds which comes out to 1.0525 tons... An AUTOMATIC transmission 1996 Hyundai Accent weighs 2167 pounds which comes out to 1.0835 tons.

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The 1996 Hyundai Accent OBD 2 port is on lower edge of dash next to kick panel

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A 1996 Hyundai Accent will use approximately 5 quarts of oil. The oil can be purchased at any auto parts store.

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I had the same problem with a Hyundai Accent 1996. You need to disconnect the speedometer inside the front hood.

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