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What type of oscillator has got frequency stability?

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A quartz crystal oscillator with the crystal kept in a constant temperature oven.

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No. The radio waves has got the lowest frequency, light waves has got in between frequency and the X-rays has got the highest frequency of the three types of waves.No.

Frequency is how often something occurs. Frequency distribution is how often something occurs within a group of separate categories or ranges. Say you had a list of exam scores from a class of students. You might want to find out how many people got between 0% and 10%, how many got between 11% and 20%, how many got between 21% and 30%, and so on. All you are interested in is the how many as compared to who actually got the scores. What you would be doing is creating a frequency distribution table. You would be finding out how many people got results in the various ranges, or how the frequency of results are distributed across these ranges.

AC is usually a sinusoidal wave with frequency-50 Hz.whereas DC has got no frequency i.e -0 Hz. <><><><> Depends on location. Some countries- 50 Hz/ The US is 60.

The period is defined as: the time needed to complete one cycle.Frequency is the number of cycles per second .that's where the relation came from ...the mathematics representation of the relation is : frequency = 1/period orperiod = 1/frequency .hope u got it.

I got it myself:- The frequency of light is extremely high, raging from any fraction of a wave to seven hundred million million waves per second.

We got the formula: speed of medium c = frequency f times wavelength lambda.lambda = c / f has a length unit.Frequency f is 1/time = c / lambda.That shows the difference between the wavelength lambda and the frequency f.

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CUMILATIVE: Its a engineering term ,for example cumilative frequency means by adding frequency of a given class to sum total of all the lower classes.for instance first class has a frequency of 2 and second class has frequency of 4 therefore the cumilative frequency becomes 6,the third has a frequency of 7,so the cumilative frequency is 13 it goes likes.....good luck for all hope u got the meaningfrom DASTAGIR.....PLASMA

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Relative frequency is the proportion of all given values in an interval, i.e., the frequency of the event/value divided by the total number of data points.In other words...If you picked 12 marbles out of a bag, and 9 of them were green, the frequency of green marbles would be 9... but the relative frequency would be that number (the frequency) divided by the total number of marbles... so the relative frequency would be 9/12 or 3/4.--Relative frequency is the time that you get something successfully over the total number of times attempted... for example.. you flipped a coin 10 times, and you got heads 4 times. the relative frequency would be 4 over 10.

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The frequency or rate of precession of the nuclear magnetic moment (spins) and is proportional to the magnetic field strength. Radio waves of the Larmor frequency are used to produce RF pulses. here is the link where I got this information. then select the L letter

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Microwaves are high frequency radio waves. They were discovered by an engineer working on high frequency transmission and noticed his coffee got warm near the transmitter. They burn internally because of their energy levels and frequency. That makes then more dangerous then lower frequencies.

That wave is called as electromagnetic wave. It has got a spectrum of very high frequency gamma rays to very low frequency radio waves. They all have the same speed. That is the speed of light.

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