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What type of religion did colonial Delaware follow?

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Protestant Protestant

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What type of charter did colonial Delaware have?


What type of religion did colonial Connecticut have?

Puritan and Congregationalist

What type of religion did the ancients Greeks follow?

orthodox religion

What type of religion did the Jews follow?

Judaism. It's monotheistic.

What type of religion did colonial New Jersey?

They had religious freedom where all religions were welcome.

What religion does cook islanders follow?

If you go on google and type in "cook island religion", it gives you an answer Christanity

What form of government did colonial Delaware have?

Colonial Delaware was governed as a proprietary colony. This type of colony was governed by a person called a proprietor who was given the power to rule by the English monarch. The colony was run through a charter agreement. The other proprietary colonies were Maryland and Pennsylvania.

What type of religion did Hebrews follow?

In ancient Times, they followed a monolatrous religion that worshipped God, also called Biblical Judaism, today, they follow modern forms of Judaism.

Religion for colonial North Carolina?

The religion is protestant and catholic. I'm pretty sure it was angelican which is a type of Christianity where you attend church every day.

What did colonial children wear?

They wore homespun(Wool-type fabric) and usually a hat because of their religion.

Is ifugaos are Muslim?

No, they follow some animist/pantheist religion or nature-type worship.

What type of religion did the people of the stone age follow?

Many were polytheistic and believed in many gods

What was the dominant religion in north carolina in colonial times?

Anglican which is a type of Christianity where u go to church every day

What was the main religion of Colonial North Carolina?

The main religion was probaly christiany. Yes it was a split off from Christianity but they were actually for a majority Anglicans or members of the Church of England.Overwhelmingly Protestant which is a type of Christian but there was no official religion.

What was Delaware type of housing?

delaware housing is made of bubble gum

What type of freedom do people have in Australia?

freedom of speech, not to be discrimated against, to work, to have an education, to follow what ever religion they want to

What type of religion do people follow in France?

the majority of the French (when they declare themselves religious) assess themselves as Christian Catholic

What type of mineral does Delaware have?


What type of animals are in Delaware?


What type of religion did the Inca Empire follow?

polytheistic. they believed in many gods. they also believed in reincarnation and mainly their sun god.

Is Scientology a religion or a type of non-religion?

It is a religion.

What type of natural resources does Delaware have?

The natural resources of Delaware are pine,gum,hickory,oak.

What type of government in Delaware colony?


What type of jobs does Delaware have back then?


What type of religion did the Greeks believe in?

what type of religion the Greeks believe in?