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What type of space material survived its fall through the atmosphere?

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A piece of space material that falls to earth?

A piece of space debris that falls to earth is commonly known as a meteorite. When knocked out of orbit during collisions with other space material, meteorites can travel through the atmosphere and make landfall.

What type of material can travel through space?

Sound and Light can travel through space.

This is a space rock passing through the atmosphere?


This is a space rock that is passing through the atmosphere?

this is called a meteor.

Why does The Space Shuttle Heat up when it is Travelling through the Earth's Atmosphere?

Because of the enormous amount of friction between Earth's atmosphere and the Space Shuttle.

What problem with earthbound telescopes does a space telescope overcome?

if you are looking at space from earth with a telescope your view will have to go through the earth atmosphere.... and for that the less brighter object in space will be blocked by the atmosphere... polutions etc.... but space telescope like hubbles... etc are situated in outer layer of our earth atmosphere..... thats why through it we can observe much clear space view....

When do you get out of the space atmosphere?

There is no "space atmosphere".

What is a piece of rock from space that passes through the atmosphere called?


Why do you need to put some telescopes in space?

Telescopes on Earth have to look through the atmosphere (air) which distorts the image. Telescopes in space dont have to look through the atmosphere and so the image is a lot clearer.

What is the rocket flight path from the earth to the moon?

Up through the atmosphere and through outer space.

When can a meteorite enter an alien galaxy?

Never. A "meteorite" is a space rock that fell through the Earth's atmosphere and became a "meteor", and survived the fall to the Earth. No meteorite from Earth will ever be taken to an "alien galaxy". Why would we? We'll find plenty of space rocks in space, where we don't have to use fuel to lift them back into space from the Earth's surface.

Do sound waves travel through space?

Not unless there's some material matter in the space.

Describe three ways heat is transferred through the atmosphere?

Convection and conduction are means of transferring heat through the atmosphere. Technically radiation is too, but it is the one that doesn't need an atmosphere to travel through - it also travels through space.

A rock falling through Earth's atmosphere from outer space is called a?

A meteoroid is space debris that is made up of rock. A meteoroid that enters Earth's atmosphere and burns up is called a meteor. A meteorite is a meteor that survives the fall through Earth's atmosphere.

Why would scientist put reflecting telescopes in space?

In space there is no interference by Earth's atmosphere.In space there is no interference by Earth's atmosphere.In space there is no interference by Earth's atmosphere.In space there is no interference by Earth's atmosphere.

How many people have survived a trip to outer space?

Most people who went into outer space have survived.

Explain how energy transfers to the atmosphere?

Energy transfers to the atmosphere by electromagnetic waves. The waves travel from the sun, through space, and down to Earth's atmosphere.

What are small pieces of rock moving through space space and completely burn up in earths atmosphere?


What force holds the atmosphere to earths surface as it travels through space?


What does the atmosphere look like on earth and what does it look like in space?

While you can see the clouds that float in the air, you do not see the atmosphere itself, whether you are on the earth or in space. You look through the atmosphere to see sea and land.

Why you are weightless in the center of the earth but not in the middle of outer space?

Because Earth's gravity is stronger the farther in through the atmosphere you go. Out of the atmosphere in space there is no gravity except on other planets.

What are meteroiods?

A meteriod is a floating piece of rock in space. It becomes a meteor when it is flying through the atmosphere. The piece of rock that survives the trip through the atmosphere is called a meteorite.

Are meteors and asteroids the same thing?

No. A meteor is an object from space that is falling through earth's atmosphere. An Asteroid is a large object composed primarily or rock and/or metal in space. An asteroid that is falling through the atmosphere could be considered a meteor.

What r shooting stars?

"Shooting stars" or meteors are bits of material falling through Earth's atmosphere; they are heated to incandescence by the friction of the air. The bright trails as they are coming through the Earth's atmosphere are termed meteors, and these chunks as they are hurtling through space are called meteoroids. Large pieces that do not vaporize completely and reach the surface of the Earth are termed meteoritesMeteors

Can someone throw something into space?

not unless your arm has as much power as a space shuttle cause they have to break through the atmosphere

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