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Answer best swimming stroke for workoutthe best type of swimming for exercise is "freestyle" or Australian Crawl will give the best overall fitness workout. Mostly because there is no lull in the stroke, so while in motion there is no rest, and it causes the least amount of stress on sensitive muscle groups. my short answer to your question would be this: whichever stroke you can maintain for the longest amount of time. the long answer could go on for a, breast stroke is good for glut's, butterfly is great for shoulders and hamstrings and chest, while back stoke is an awesome leg workout, as well as traps and lats.
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What is the best form of exercise when you have asthma?


Why swimming is considered the best exercise over the other exercise?

Swimming is considered by some as the best form of exercise because it uses all you body from your arms to your legs just like cycling but unlike activities like running for example it doesn't wear away your joints.

What makes swimming an effective form of exercise?

Swimming is the best exercise for your entire body, it gives you cardiovascular benefits as well as strengthen your lungs so you breathe intensely. Swimming is also a healthy exercise for babies it improves flexibility in body and babies become familiar with water from the early age.

Is swimming considered a real sport?

Yes swimming is considered a real sport. It is also the best form of physical exercise that you can do as you use all your muscles while swimming. It is one reason that they use it in physiotherapy.

What is a good topic sentence for the topic natatorium?

Swimming is the most beneficial form of exercise.

Is boxing the best source of exercise?

Boxing is certainly great exercise, but there is no best form of exercise.

Is it correct to say do exercise referring to physical exercise?

Yes. When you are asked to exercise it means anything from walking, jogging, running, aerobics, bicycle riding, swimming, etc. These are considered to be a form of physical exercise.

An aerobic exercise done in water?

Swimming is the main aerobic exercise done in water. Many people disagree with swimming as a form of fitness improving/fat burning exercise, when the truth is it is very effective. Exercise intensity is measured through oxygen consumption, and this is a requirement in swimming. Waterpolo is another sport which requires high fitness, however this is broken down into muscular fitness when treading water and rapidly stretching for the ball, and aerobic fitness for swimming into spaces or towards the ball.

What exercise tones abs?

The Pilates Method is the best form of exercise to tone & strengthen the abdominals/core.

What exercise helps you to lose weight fast?

Swimming is a very good form of exercise, although not everyone has a place in which to swim. You can do pretty much any form of exercise and lose weight; all exercise burns calories. All the usual types, sit-ups, weight lifting, running, jumping, etc., all work.Cardio exercise is the best exercise for fat loss. For more information, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

Is running the best exercise?

Yes, it train whole body, even on the cellular level. It burns most calories and its addictive. It depends on what you are trying to achieve. Running is much harder on your body than walking and it is not sustainable long term. Therefore, for many people, cardio walking, or just ordinary walking, is a better form of exercise. Swimming is also a very good form of exercise.

Does swimming help prevent osteoporosis?

Since swimming is a form of exercise, it helps, but not all that much by itself. Good nutrition and supplements paired with swimming is a better way of preventing osteoporosis. Any form of weight lifting paired with swimming would also help since lifting puts more stress on your bones, which stimulates bone regrowth.

Why is running the best form of exercise?

cause it tones the whole body.

What are some of the best form of cardio exercise?

Cardio exercises are a great way to get ones blood flowing and body moving. Some great cardio exercises are aerobics, running, biking, swimming as well as rowing and kickboxing.

Do you agree swimming is the healthiest form of exercise?

Yes, I think it's probably the best, or at least one of the very best. To my knowledge no other single type of activity provides the type of complete and balanced work-out swimming does. Virtually all muscles are used during swimming, the water presents resistance, so you get a balance of both cardio and strength training. The reaching motion also stretches your body somewhat. The only deficiency of swimming is that it's not weight-bearing. The only other activity I know of that might provide more complete conditioning is rock-climbing, but that has it's disadvantages: more equipment is needed, and it's much more potentially dangerous.

Will swimming help you to lose armpit fat?

Swimming, like any form of exercise, can help to lose overall body fat. Breast strokes may also help to tone your arms muscles in general, but swimming does not specifically target armpit fat.

How many calories would you lose if you run up and down the stairs?

You can consume as many calories as you like, depending upon the amount of time that you spend doing this exercise. But it may not be the best form of exercise for you, since there is a chance of falling and injuring yourself. Running on level ground is safer than running up and down stairs. Swimming is lots of fun and terrific exercise. There are lots of ways to exercise.

Is the tredmil the best form of cardio?

no swimming is as it gets all the muscles in your body working simultaneously

How does a hard core workout improve your heart health?

Any form of exercise, hardcore or not, can improve heart health. Even a moderate amount of exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease and can benefit overall health. Interval training, swimming, cycling, and brisk walking are some of the best heart health exercises.

Can A verb form ending in -ing and used as a noun is a participle?

The -ing form of a verb that is used as a noun is a gerund, also called a verbal noun. Gerunds have all the same functions as traditional nouns, but they always end in -ing.Examples:Swimming is great exercise. (subject)Some people hate swimming. (direct object)Sue's favorite form of relaxation is swimming. (subject complement)I would like to learn more about swimming. (object of a preposition)

How does an increase of cardiac ouput help the athlete during exercise?

An increase in cardiac output provides increased oxygen to working muscles in an exercising athlete. It also provides more energy in the form of nutrients.

How should I exercise if I have diabetes?

A very good form of exercise for diabetes is aerobic exercise, such as walking, swimming, etc. these exercises are good for cardiovascular health, which is especially of concern to diabetic persons.

What activities are a good form of exercise?

Walking, running, swimming, jogging, bicycling, gymnastics, pilates, weight lifting, dancing, climbing, surfing, skiing.. Anything really :)

What are the best knee exercises to do for arthritis?

Any form of gentle exercise will be good for arthritic knees, especially swimming, where there is no jarring or pressure. Stretching and walking will also help. Kneeling or bending too much can be painful and possible make the arthritis worse. Your local gymnasium should have qualified staff able to suggest a good exercise regimen.

Is riding a bicycle a form of exercise?

Yes, it's a form of cardio/aerobic exercise.

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