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What type of transmission fluid is for 97 Plymouth breeze?



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Type your answer here... Use ONLY ATF+3 OR ATF+4 transmission fluid, ASSUMING that you have the four speed automatic transmission. NEVER . . . EVER . . . use any other type of transmission fluid in Chrysler four speed automatics! For instance, Dextron will KILL your transmission, and Mercon will make the shifting hard and unpredictable! The viscosity (thickness, such as water versus syrup or honey) is CRITICAL on those transmissions, because the solenoid pack (electrically operated valves) modulate (pulse rapidly), for smooth transitions from one gear to another. If the fluid viscosity is wrong, the programming in the TCM (transmission control module, or transmission computer) is all wrong for proper shifting throughout all temperature ranges! For the exact same reason, most transmission additive products will also mess up the shifting! Be advised that, if you change the fluid by taking off the pan (which holds about four quarts on a 1997 Ply. Breeze), that does not change the fluid that is in the torque converter! I think the total capacity including the torque converter) is NINE quarts in the four speed automatics, in 1997 Ply. Breeze vehicles!