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That would be the SHARP LC32GP3B 32-Inch AQUOS 1080p Gaming LCD TV that is best for gaming.

PS3 has 1080p resolution.So to see that resolution fully you need a 1080p television.

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โˆ™ 2009-10-28 11:23:33
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Q: What type of tv do you need to get the maximum use of a PS3?
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You can play any type of ps3 games on an English ps3.

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You use the same thing as the ps3 and psp

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you need an adapter

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you need to connect your ps3 to a wireless modem. or use an ethernet cable.

What is the maximum video resolution for composite video cables?

576i i think, i did use my tv box for ps3, ps3 chose 576i with RCA cable from av out

Do you need a plazma TV for PS3?

no, you can use a hd tv

Do you need wi fi for home on the PS3?

This all depends if you wish to use the online network. You don't need to have the internet in order to play games on your ps3. Also, if you have nonwireless internet, you can hook your ps3 up it and use the online network.

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you need a jailbreaked ps3 and a ps3 with 3.41 software and you then need get a jtag and use that to hack it so unless you've got about $1000 youre screwed

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