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What type of voodoo is used in the Philippines?

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The Philippines has a variation of voodoo like magic. The most popular is ´Kulam´. In English it literally means withcraft but the rites performed are some what similar to that of voodoo. Kulam also invokes and the intent of the practitioner is indifferent since it is still a form of magic and draws powers from spirits. This is highly condoned by The Bible, hence it is Evil. Another is ´Mambabarang´ which bears a similarity with witchcraft. However they also have a diffirence which we can elaborate after further study. This is mainly used for cursing and revenge. Most of the time, theses forms of voodoo involve sacrificing animals to dieties or spirits, or shedding ones blood to form a pact or chanting weird and chants and prayers to the spirits.

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Where in the Philippines you can buy voodoo dolls?

in the Philippines you can buy Voodoo Dolls in al Clipper stores and Mental shops Nationwide.

Why are bones used on voodoo dolls?

It depends on the purpose, the intent, and the type of bones being used. Voodoo dolls are very personally made items.

Is Voodoo dolls related to Vodun voodoo religion?

Personalized Voodoo Dolls are sometimes used in conjures in the Voodoo and Vodun religions.

In voodoo what does chicken heads symbolize?

Normally, cut off chicken heads are used as part of retributive or threat magic. With each type of Voodoo the symbolize changes.

What is a voodoo doll?

used in voodoo religion to hurt someone

Are pictures and ones personal belongings used for in voodoo?

Yes, pictures of people and personal belongings are often used in Voodoo.

Type of family in the Philippines?

type of family in the Philippines?

Why roosters used in voodoo ritual?

Some believe that roosters were used in voodoo rituals because they were an easier animal to sacrifice. Larger animals would be harder to carry to different places to perform the voodoo.

Can voodoo dolls hurt you?

The majority of voodoo dolls are not used for negative purposes. And anyone that threatens to use a voodoo doll against you probably does not know what they are doing with it anyway.

What is the chicken foot used for in voodoo?


Are voodoo dolls dangourous?

A voodoo doll is a personal tool used to direct energy, focus, and intention. They can be used for dangerous purposes, but most often are not used for harmful intent.

What does the black X mean in voodoo?

The black X was used to call demons and evil spirits for help in voodoo rituals

What is a chicken foot used for in voodoo?


What does the black voodoo doll represent?

usually means that the victim targeted by the voodoo doll will die. this is the worst type of voodoo doll. From the dominican republic and they throw them in the ocean to curse those who receive it upon other shores.

What is the purpose of a voodoo doll?

A voodoo doll is a tool that is used to focus energy and intention toward a desired result. They are often personalized for the intention and person they are being used for.

Are black feathers used in voodoo I found one in my fridge and live in a multiple cultural house share?

Yes, black feathers can be used in Voodoo practices. However I do not know that you happening to find one in the fridge would mark it as a sign of Voodoo.

Do voodoo dolls have curses?

That depends on the particular doll. Some might, but most voodoo dolls are not made/used for ill intent.

Do you have to use all seven pins in a voodoo doll?

The amount of pins used in a voodoo doll depends entirely on the purpose of the focus.

What is the Finnish word 'voodoo' in English?

The Finnish word voodoo means voodoo in English.

What does the word voodoo mean?

The word voodoo refers to a specific type of magic that originated in Africa, as practiced by African shamans (sometimes known as witch doctors). Voodoo is best known for the use of the voodoo doll, which is supposed to be magically connected to a person, so that by harming the doll, you can harm the person. By threat of voodoo dolls, a shaman can keep a superstitious population in a state of fear.

What do penny's have to do with voodoo?

Pennies are often used in offerings.

Can torture come from voodoo dolls?

Voodoo dolls can be used for negative purposes. But most of the time they are used to help or heal a person in a physical or spiritual way, instead of something harmful.

How long does it take to sail from Scotland to Philippines?

That would depend on the type of boat being used.

What are voodoo zombies?

voodoo zombies are people which are manipulated by voodoo and are brain washed

What type of economic system does the Philippines have and why?

The Philippines has a mixed economy.