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What type of voodoo is used in the Philippines?

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2011-09-13 15:04:48

The Philippines has a variation of voodoo like magic. The most

popular is ´Kulam´. In English it literally means withcraft but the

rites performed are some what similar to that of voodoo. Kulam also

invokes and the intent of the practitioner is indifferent since it

is still a form of magic and draws powers from spirits. This is

highly condoned by The Bible, hence it is Evil. Another is

´Mambabarang´ which bears a similarity with witchcraft. However

they also have a diffirence which we can elaborate after further

study. This is mainly used for cursing and revenge. Most of the

time, theses forms of voodoo involve sacrificing animals to dieties

or spirits, or shedding ones blood to form a pact or chanting weird

and chants and prayers to the spirits.

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