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Sound waves cannot travel through a vacuum.

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Can mechanical waves travel through any type of medium?

Yes, except vacuum. Only Electromagnetic waves can travel through vacuum.

Will a light wave travel through a vacuum?

Yes. Electromagnetic waves (including light as a special case) are, in fact, the only type of wave which will travel through a vacuum.

What are mediums that waves can travel through?

This depends a lot on the type of waves you're talking about. Sound waves, for example, can travel through water, solid, and air mediums, but not through a vacuum. Electromagnetic waves, however, can travel in a vacuum.

What type of light waves can travel through a vacuum?

Light spectrum is part of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. Electromagnetic waves travel better and faster (light speed in vacuum) in vacuum.

Which type of wave travels faster through solids then it does liquids?

they all travel at the same speed through a vacuum

Which type of wave is sound?

Sound is a mechanical wave and must travel through a medium, such as air, water, and solids. Sound waves cannot travel through a vacuum.

What type of earthquake wave could travel through a vacuum?

Since an earthquake or seismic wave is a pressure or force wave (like sound waves), it requires a material in which to propagate. So, no earthquake waves can travel through a vacuum.

Is vacuum a medium?

Vacuum is not a medium. Considering waves, mechanical waves require a medium (such as air) to travel. Electromagnetic waves (such as visible light and radio waves) do not require a medium, and are the only waves (that we know of) that can travel through a vacuum. I have heard of a gravity wave, which may be a third type of wave. I don't know much about them. These would also travel through a vacuum.

How can the command centre communicate with the space ship in space if outer space is a vacuum?

They use radio waves which are a type of electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves can travel through a vacuum Ligth is a type of electromagnetic wave and that travels through space from the sun and the stars.

Are microwaves in space?

yes, they are also a type of electromagnetic waves. any EM wave can travel in space as they can pass through vacuum.

What type of wave can't travel through empty space?

While electromagnetic waves can travel though the vacuum of space, we know that mechanical waves like sound or seismic waves cannot travel except through a physical medium.

What type of waves travel through matter?

The type of waves that travel through matter are Electromagnetic waves.

Which type of wave can move through a vacuum?

Light, microwaves radar, heat radiation and all other electromagnetic waves cans are waves that can move through a vacuum because light does not need a medium to travel through. Recently gravity waves have been detected, the transmission to Earth required that they pass through the vacuum o space.

How are light and sound waves different in terms of speed type of wave and mediums?

Light waves travel at approx 300,000 kilometres per second, sound at approx 0.343 kilometres/second.Light waves can travel in vacuum or through some media (there is no such word as mediums!). Sound waves cannot travel through vacuum: they needs a physical medium.

What type of energy transfers occurs even when matter isn't present?

Electromagnetic Energy does not require matter to be transferred...that is why it can travel through the vacuum of space.

Is it possible for any type of particles to have velocity greater than the velocity of light. Justify your answer?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Yes, it is possible for particles to travel through a medium (not a vacuum!) faster than light can travel through that medium (not a vacuum!), which gives rise to Cherenkov radiation. Tachyons - a type of superluminal particle that is theorized but has never been observed - should be able to travel faster than light, but they would not be able to travel at or below light speed.

What type of media can sound travel through?

Sound, which is mechanical energy, can travel through solids, liquids and gases. It can also travel through plasma if it has the chance to. It must have a medium; it cannot travel through a vacuum. Pretty much everything else is fair game, and the effectiveness of the medium at conducting sound varies widely, but, in general, sound travels fastest through solids, not as fast through liquids, and more slowly (relatively) through gases.

Does frequency travel in vacuum?

You may be thinking of radio waves. Yes, they and all other electromagnetic type stuff can occur in a vacuum.

What type of material can travel through space?

Sound and Light can travel through space.

Which type of waves can be transmitted through vacuum?

Waves like sound waves require a medium (Matter... Ex. air or water) To travel through. Light waves, gravity waves, x-rays, heat, and radio waves are all EM (electromagnetic) waves, and can in a vacuum.

What speed do television waves travel in air?

If the information for television goes through the air, the waves used are electromagnetic waves; specifically of the type called RADIO WAVES.All electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light when in a vacuum: about 300,000 km/second. In air, the speed is almost the same as in a vacuum.

Which type of wave does not travel through liquids?

Shear / transverse waves do not travel through liquids.

Does light travel at the same speed through all types of matter?

No. Light travels at different speeds through different types of matter.(The speed of light in vacuum) divided by (the speed of light in one type of matter)is the "refractive index" of that type of matter.

What type of wave can't travel through space?

Sound waves cannot travel through space.

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