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Pork or sausages and of course Pizza pizza pizza and peanutbutter sandwich with salad and coca cola.

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What kind of food did romeo and juliet eat?


What food wera prepared for Romeo and Juliet wedding?

None whatsoever. Romeo and Juliet eloped and kept their marriage a secret from everyone who might consider preparing food for the wedding.

What food would Romeo and Juliet have eaten?

Italian food because they live in Italy

What did Romeo's parents do for work out of Romeo and Juliet?

Believe it or not, they didn't work. Their income came from owning lands, presumably where food was grown. However they themselves only performed the task of interprise

What types of food did the Greeks eat during the festival?

Gyros and grapes...

What types of materials are expelled from cells during exocytosis?

Food molecules and waste material

What types of food did Charles Darwin eat during his vohage in the beagle?

bead carbohigdragtes

What are some types food do Singapore have during World War 2?

Sea biscuts

What food should you take during hepatitis A?

No food is forbidden.But to give rest to liver and avoid indigestion avoid fatty food of all types.

Who says not mad but bound more than a madman is who says this in Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo, in Act 1 scene 2. The full quotation is: Not mad, but bound more than a mad-man is; Shut up in prison, kept without my food, Whipp'd and tormented and-God-den, good fellow.

What kind of foods might romeo and Juliet have had at the party?

It depends when and where you set the play. If you set it in the middle ages, they would have had medieval food. If you set it in the renaissance, it would be renaissance food. If you set it in India, they might have had pappadums, if in Japan, sushi, if in the United States, hamburgers and fries.

Which is a food storing root?

Some types of food storing root are sweet potatoes and carrots.They stores excess food made by the plant during photosynthesis.

What should your boyfriend and you be for Halloween?

Brad and Angie Romeo and Juliet Peanut Butter and Jelly (or some other matching food) Doctor and Nurse The Same Thing (ie. rockstar, nerd, etc) Just female and male.

Types of food eaten during Shakespeare's time period?

The types of foods are meat, chicken, fish & bread along with wine & water

What are the types of food menu?

types of food menu?"

What are the types of monosacharides?

Monosacharides are only usable form of sugar for cells, which are produced from food during digestion. The types of monosacharides are Glucose, galactose, and fructose.

What are the types of food preservatives and the types of food?

choclate things

Why does Romeo describe the tomb as if it were human?

Personification is a literary device in which an inanimate object is described as if it were alive, and especially as if it were human. Like all literary devices, this enables us to get a clearer idea of the thing being described. When Romeo says, "Thus I enforce thy rotten jaws to open and in despite I'll cram thee with more food" he is talking about his difficulty in opening the tomb and his intent to join Juliet in death. He imagines the tomb as an animate being which is keeping its teeth clenched even though someone is trying to feed it. Its teeth are the doors which Romeo is trying to pry open and the food is Romeo himself who proposes to become food for the tomb by dying and being buried in it.

What types of food should not be eaten during a low carb diet plan?

Types of food that should not be eaten during a low carb diet plan are potatoes, sugar, dried fruits, potato chips, rice crackers, flour, cake, jam and salad dressings.

Who is Juliet from the TV show LOST?

Juliet is one of the others. She is the blonde woman who brings food to Jack, and helps them escape.

How many types of food oil?

there are 5 types of food oil.

Who is nurse in the story of romeo and Juliet?

Nature has arranged that all female mammals, including female people, can produce food out of their bodies for their babies called milk. When women have babies they produce milk to feed those babies. But it used to be that women who were rich or important didn't want to feed their babies themselves, so they hired other women who had just had babies to provide the food. This is what happened here. When Juliet was a baby, her mother didn't want to feed her and so hired the Nurse, who had just had a baby called Susan, to feed Juliet. Susan is now dead, and the Nurse hasn't been feeding Juliet with her milk for eleven years, but the Nurse has stayed on, as a special servant to Juliet. In many ways she has been closer and more of a mother to Juliet than Mrs. Capulet.

Types of food that's in Panama?

All types of food especially fruit

Different types of steaming food with definition of each?

the types of steaming food

What type of food did they serve at tybalts party in the book Romeo and Juliet?

1. Tybalt did not throw the party, Capulet did. 2. Romeo and Juliet is a play. It tells you basically what the people say and when they come on stage and that's about it. It does not have descriptive passages as a novel or story would. 3. Act I Scene V starts with the servants clearing away the meal; it's finished and nobody talks about it. Well, almost nobody. One of the servants says "save me a piece of marchpane"; evidently they had marchpane (same as marzipan) for dessert.