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What types of foods are bad for you?


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Most foods are not bad for you when eaten in moderation. There are, however, foods that are less healthy for you than others. Some examples are:

  • fried foods
  • fatty foods
  • foods that contain sugar
  • junk foods

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Certain types of foods and diets can be bad for cancer patients. Those with cancer are advised to stay away from processed foods and foods that have been stripped of their natural nutrients.

Yes there are plenty. Beans for one are especially bad because they cause gas. Any foods that are very acidic in nature such as tomatoes, lemons, limes, and other foods of this nature are also bad for you.

the bad foods are junk food.

Many foods can lower your bad cholesterol, but oatmeal, which contains soluble fibers, can greatly reduce your bad cholesterol. Along with that, walnuts and other nuts can also reduce the bad cholesterol in your body.

There are many types of seafood that contribute to high cholesterol. One of these foods is shrimp. Having high cholesterol is bad for many reasons, but the most common one is heart disease.

no sugar free foods is not bad for diabetics

Foods that are bad for digestion include heavy foods such as bread and other starchy foods. To help with digestion, eat foods rich in fiber like fruits and vegetables.

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No, canned foods are not bad for you unless air has gotten to and spoiled the food.

We like fried foods, baked foods, grilled foods, boiled foods, simmered foods, steamed foods, microwaved food, frozen food, fresh food, raw food and potatoe food. these are the types of foods we like. and shucky shweets.

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Because some foods contain fat and other things which are bad for the body.

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good and some are bad for you but somtimes bad food can be good for you and give you energy hope iv helped xxx

Like any foods, organically grown foods can become contaminated with unhealthy organisms, which means they would be bad for you. Unless that happems. organic foods are healthy.

take raw foods or too bad foods or spoilt foods

No cake would not be. Cake is bad for diabetes. I think that you should aim for more healthy foods. Salad or fruit. are a great example of what you should be eating. Vegetables are good too.

The mayo clinic is a good source for cholesterol lowering foods and diet. They will show you the good and bad types of cholesterol in foods.

all foods are bad for u if u eat to much of them like if u eat to much its bad for u . u will get fat and also bad for u

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That doesnt make sense there are no foods to watch out for

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Some good types of foods to lose weight are foods that do not have a lot of salt and fat in them, or fruit and vegetables are probably the best foods for you while trying to lose weight.

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