What types of fruits grains meats and vegetables are considered roughage?

Almost all fruits, grains and vegetables contain fiber; that's the part that's referred to as roughage. Fiber is often referred to as "non-digestable", meaning that we can't get any nutrients out of it, but it's essential to our diet. That is the part that reduces cholesterol and the potential for colon cancer.
Then, through the miracle of modern technology, we strip off the outer part of the grain, turning flour into white flour and turning rice into white rice. The outer part of the grain contains the majority of the fiber, but we throw that part away.
Next, fruit. Same thing there; the skins usually contain the majority of the fiber, such as the apple, pear, cherry and grapes. So of course we peel the apples and pears to make applesausce and pear preserves and occasionally eat a cherry if it's mixed with a lot of sugar in a pie. Grapes, of course, get turned into wine.
Potatoes, who eats the skin? We all eat fries, mashed potatoes or if we DO happen to have a baked potato, we throw away the skins.
We peel our carrots, process our tomatoes to get rid of the skins and in general, throw away some very essential parts.
Beans, however, have a lot of fiber. I guess that's why we don't like to eat them.