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What types of jobs did woman have in the war?

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Many women worked in factories building small thing for the war.

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What jobs did woman have in ancient Greece?

Well, the types of jobs they had were homemaking which meant a "stay at home mom".

Did woman work in World War 2?

yes that had to do mens jobs aswell as womens jobs

What were the occupations opened to woman by World War 1?

many jobs were given to women that the men had before they left to war. these jobs included doctor, factory workers, teachers, and other jobs. some of these jobs required educational needs and woman were now allowed to take these jobs. many men were upset by this "replacement" and started discriminating woman...

How did world war 2 impact women workers?

WW2 helped many woman who wanted to work but couldnt. before the war only 26% of woman had paying jobs but all these jobs were teaching, nursing or child-care positions. after the war, over 38% more woman had jobs. and these jobs ranged from factory workers, truck drivers, mechanics, technicians, and even pilots.

What jobs did woman do before World War 2?

farming,maid,stuff like that

What types of jobs did women do in World War I?

in world war 1 women were nusres and they made ammunition for the men

How did American woman support the war effort?

They took over mens jobs such as working in factories

Why did woman do men jobs during world war 1 and world war 2?

Although they were not considered socially-acceptable jobs for women, an exception was made for wartime hires. The able-bodied men were off fighting in the war, and the women were the ones left who could fill the jobs.

What struggles did women have in world war 2?

Since the men were gone woman had to take up their jobs. On top of that they had to make goods for the war.

What jobs did woman have in World War 2?

i belive that women did any job that a man did before the men enlisted

How did world war 2 affect men and woman?

men had to leave so women had to take over their jobs

Why were women in World War 2?

Women that were in World War 2 did not fight in the war. The women did many of the other types of jobs such as being nurses and driving vehicles.

What jobs do Israelites have?

They have all types of jobs there.

What are the different types of jobs caused by computer?

different types of jobs caused by compouters

What were important jobs of the Lenape Woman?

The lenape woman jobs are to take care of the children,farm,cook

How did the civil war change the lives of soldiers woman and slaves?

For woman, they had to take up their husbands jobs since they were at war. They also had to take over the man's responsbilities around the house. And at some times they took their husbands place during battle/war.

What happend to Germany's colonies after World War 1?

after ww1 germanys colonies went down hill and fell apart because they lost jobs because of the war most woman had to do jobs for men because they were at war japan gained some of Germany's colonies

What kinds of jobs woman hold in world war 2?

Welders , pilots , riveters , administrative positions , nurses , drivers ,

How where the woman affected when three million men went to war?

Women had to take over the jobs traditionally done by the men.

World war 1 what did the woman do as a job?

many woman had taken over their husbands jobs so they may continue with their life style. woman made guns , watched their children took over their farms.

What types of government research jobs are available?

Types of government research jobs that are available are IRS jobs, post office jobs, Federal Employment jobs, and FBI jobs. You must adhere to their rules and regulations.

What Jobs did children in the south during the civil war do?

Yes they did have jobs the jobs they had was there fathers when they went to war

How did woman contribute to World War 2?

Women did help but they didn't fight. they took the mens jobs while men were fighting.

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