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unskilled jobs pay 15 dollars an hour or more around Columbia mo

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Q: What unskilled jobs pay 15 dollars an hour or more?
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What are the unskilled jos that pay 20-30 per hour?


Jobs that pay more then 9 dollars an hour?

Jobs that pay more than 9 dollars an hour are usually outside of the restaurant or retail industry unless you are a manager.

What jobs pay 30 dollars an hour without education?

Retail Store Managers can make 30 dollars or more an hour.

What is the highest paid unskilled job in the U.S. today?

It's difficult to answer this question because there are variables. In terms of dollars returned per hours worked, one of the more lucrative unskilled jobs is crew member on an Alaska crab boat, where it is possible to make upward of $100k for three months of work. There are probably other unskilled jobs that are as lucrative, but to the knowledge of this writer, there aren't many.

How much per hour for a painter and decorator?

Union painters on union jobs get more than forty dollars per hour including several dollars per hour that goes into pension and benefit plans.

Can 13 year olds get good paying jobs?

no, you can babysit. which depending on where you live can range from 6-10 or more dollars an hour. 8

How much money does an equine veterinary technician earn?

Most veterinary technicians earn 10 to 12 dollars an hour. Equine veterinary techs earn more but jobs are harder to find as this is a specialty area. They can usually earn 14 dollars to 20 dollars an hour.

What health care jobs pay over twenty dollars an hour?

A registered nurse can make more than $20/hr immediately out of school.

How much do physical therapy aide get paid?

They get paid 14.00-15.00 dollars and hour but its not worth going to school for. If I was you I would go for the assistance because they make more money and their are more jobs for it.

What is the average pay per hour for babysitting jobs for 15year olds?

The pay ranges from 5-10 dollars an hour. Around ten is more reasonable but less is common due to pay being under the table.

Jobs that pay ten dollars or more in san Diego California?

There are many jobs that pay $10 an hour or more in San Diego. Housecleaners who go to people's houses and clean them can be paid from $10-$15 per hour if they are doing this on their own. You can also check for jobs at and on The Sunday newspaper also has tons of job lisitngs. Good luck! Prostitution (Then You Don't Have To Clean)

How much do forklift jobs pay in Oklahoma?

They usually pay up to 20 dollars an hour. With such a risky and scary job, they can sometimes pay more or less. It all depends on what you will be lifting.

Why do you want to be a waitress?

waitresses can make up to around 30 dollars per hour. they get like 5 dollars per hour from their employer then they get tips so they could get roughly 20 dollars per hour if they are serving more then one table.

How much do construction workers get paid?

Construction workers make an average of 20 dollars or more an hour. The longer you work in this field, the more you can make. Many workers have the opportunity for overtime and can make 35 dollars or more an hour.

Jobs that pay 15 dollars a hour?

Administrative assistants earn that...but, like most jobs, they are paying for knowledge and/or experience in the job duties. If you haven't obtained specific training in the field or do not have the experience, then increases in pay to $15/hour takes time. Some freelance jobs pay more, but you have to factor in that 10% of that goes to your costs for insurance and whatever equipment you need to perform the job.

What is the average salary of a hospital registrar?

If little or no experience, around 12 dollars an hour. With some experience, 13 dollars. More experience, 14 to 16 per hour.

Do plumbers make more than electricians?

it depends how many times they got paid like a plumber can do 20 dollars a hour and electricians can do 30 dollars an hour it just depends

How much would a be paid per month as a CSI?

* they get paid about 20 thousand dollars per month depending on who their clients are and how much they charge them per hour. some clients charges more than 100 dollarsper hour. some of they clients charge 200 dollars per hour * they get paid about 20 thousand dollars per month depending on who their clients are and how much they charge them per hour. some clients charges more than 100 dollarsper hour. some of they clients charge 200 dollars per hour

What kind of job makes more than 50 dollars and hour?

you cazy you cazy

How much do scaffolders earn?

Scaffolders with certification and a little experience can expect to earn about 22 dollars per hour. More experienced workers can earn over 35 dollars per hour.

If salary is 50000 how much get paid hourly?

its more like 26 dollars an hour if you are doing a 40 hour work week

What jobs pay more than 12 dollars an hr?

Anything that requires a degree from a college.

Where are Ariat boots manufactured?

They are made in China, helping send more jobs & dollars out of America

What are the jobs in Mesopotamia?

there were lots of jobs in Mesopotamia. this is the class and the jobs in the classes in Mesopotamia; The upper class consisted of priests, Kings, and rich landowners. The middle class consist of government officials, merchants, artisans, farmers, fishermen. The last class, lower class consisted of unskilled workers and slaves. There are more jobs but if you scroll down you will find them!

What is the average salary for tech jobs?

I found a comparison for computer networking/network support technicians jobs. The grid shows that you can earn more per hour with more experience. For those with less than a year, they state the average to be $9.59-17.11 an hour. For those with 20 or more years, the average pay is $14.95-32.27 an hour.