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Q: What vertebrate animals are found in the Arctic and Antarctic regions?
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What animals live in the Arctic and Antarctic?

The Arctic: Arctic Foxes, Arctic Hares, Polar Bears. The Antarctic: Penguins. There are many animals and birds that live in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. See the two related questions.

Which has more animals the Arctic or the Antarctic?

the Arctic

Do polar bears live in the Arctic the Antarctic or both?

Polar bears live only in the northern polar regions - which includes the Arctic and Arctic Circle regions. They do not live in the Antarctic.

Do polar bears only live in the Antarctic?

They live in Arctic regions, not Antarctic.

What is the difference between Arctic and antarctic animals?

* The Arctic has polar bears and the Antarctic does not. * The Antarctic has penguins and the Arctic doesn't. * The Antarctic has no trees. * The Arctic has Tundra with rich plant life in Spring and Summer. * Antarctic has algae but not the Arctic. * Antarctica has mainly calm animals but the Arctic has some fierce ones.

What region will you not find a snake?

Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Penguins in the arctic?

Penguins are nearly exclusive to the antarctic regions and do not populate the arctic.

Is the polar the arctic?

Yes and no. The Polar regions include both the Arctic and the Antarctic.

Where does animals live in arctic ocean or the Antarctic Ocean?


What animals live in antarctica and arctic?

No animals live on the Antarctic continent. Arctic?

Why do polar bears live in the Antarctic?

They don't live there. They live in Arctic regions, not Antarctic.

How is the Arctic and Antarctic alike?

Both are polar regions of the Earth.

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