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Fourteen vice presidents have become president, eight because of the death of a president. These eight so-called 'accidental presidents' were John Tyler (VP for W, H. Harrison) Millard Fillmore (VP for Taylor) Andrew Johnson (VP for Lincoln), Chester A. Arthur (VP for Garfield), Theodore Roosevelt(VP for McKinley), Calvin Coolidge (VP for Harding), Harry S. Truman (VP for F.D. Roosevelt), and Lyndon B. Johnson (VP for Kennedy). Vice-president Gerald Ford (VP for Nixon) took office because of President Nixon's resignation.

The other vice presidents who became president were John Adams (VP for Washington), Thomas Jefferson, (VP for John Adams), Martin Van Buren (VP for Jackson), Richard M. Nixon (VP for Eisenhower), and George H. W. Bush (VP for Reagan). Of these six, all but Nixon were elected president immediately after serving as vice president. Nixon was defeated in 1960 but ran again and won in 1968.

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Q: What vice presidents became president?
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How many vice presidents became president by succession?

Eight vice presidents became president by succession. Seven of these became president when the former president died in office and one because president when the former president resigned.

Why did the 5 vice presidents that became presidents became presidents?

because the former president either died or resigned 14 U. S. Vice Presidents became President. 8 of them ascended to the presidency upon the death of the president. 4 of them were the incumbent vice president when they won a presidential election. 1 of them was a former vice president when he won a presidential election. 1 of them ascended to the presidency upon the resignation of the president

What percent of vice president became presidents?

14 vice presidents have become president: 4 were elected while holding the office of vice president; 9 by succession; and Nixon was elected later, after serving as vice president.

How many presidents were vice president first?

14 - nine were vice-presidents that became president when the president died or resigned, and five served out their full terms as elected vice-president, then ran for president and won.

Four vice presidents that became president on their own rights?

Vice-presidents that became president include: Gerald Ford, George H. Bush, Lyndon Johnson, John Adams.

What vice presidents became president but were not elected to the presidency?

President ford.he is the only one.

Who was the only vice president to have assumed the presidency for a reason other than the president s death?

Beside the eight sitting vice presidents who became president because the president died and the four sitting vice presidents who became president because they won the presidential election, Vice President Gerald R. Ford became president because President Richard M. Nixon resigned.

Who became acting president when Lincoln was killed?

Andrew Johnson, Abraham Lincoln's Vice President, became a full President after Lincoln died. He was not an acting President. The Vice President becoming a full President, after the death of the former President, was established long before Andrew Johnson became the first Vice President to succeed a murdered President. Previous Vice Presidents had succeeded Presidents who had died from medical illnesses.

How did John Tyler and Andrew Johnson become president?

Both were vice-presidents who became president when the elected president died in office.

Which of these Presidents most recently became Vice President by succession?

Gerald Ford

How many of the vice presidents from new York became presidents?

Three vice-presidents from NY later became President; Martin Van Buren, Millard Fillmore and Chester Alan Arthur. Van Buren was the only one to be elected president.

Which vice presidents have not become president?

33 of the 47 US vice-president never became President. See the related questions for more details.

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