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Q: What viscocity of oil does the Toyota Previa use?
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Why Toyota Previa use so much oil?

It doesn't. Your rings must be going, or a blow-by. You're lucky the Previa has a back up oil tank unda the hood :)

What kind super charge oil use on Toyota Previa?

i found out that synthetic 5W-50 is an acceptable replacement for the super expensive Toyota supercharger oil

What kind super charger oil use on Toyota 1995 previa?

Castrol 5w50 full synthetic

What is a non-Toyota type oil you can use in your 1995 Toyota Previa supercharger?

Superchargers use a special type of oil that you can get from the dealer. I bought a small oil canister for $50 OMG, so expensive but need it. Hope that helps. I use GM supercharger oil in mine.... it runs about $12 at a GM dealer and comes in a pretty good sized bottle.... I read that it worked, tried it, and have not had any problems....

What type of fuel do a 1995 Toyota Previa use?

i think the supercharged models use premium

Can you use the 2nd row seat from 97 Toyota Previa to 95?

yes it will fit... you can total use it...

How do you charge your air conditioner on your 1991 Toyota Previa and what kind of freon do you use?

Would have been built for R12, can be converted to R134a.

What is the differential lubricant for '91 previa?

I personally use 85W-140W gear oil.

How do you replace distributor seal on 1991 Previa?

Previa Dist.CapSorry, but you don't. The Toyota Previa has an internalized distributor cap/rotar located under the console on the driver's side. Unless you are a certified Toyota Mechanic, it's basically impossible to change/clean/whatever. Actually... the dist. and cap is under the pass. seat and is mounted on the end of the cyl. head. It is replaceable.XXXXXXXWrong Answer!The Previa's Dist. is under the engine, facing to the rear of the van. The Cap & rotor are replaceable.The dist. is easy to remove if you have enough room to get under the van.Also, the dist. SHAFT oil seal goes out regular on all Previa's. Ck. this1st. as it is the most prevalent oil leak for Previa's.The 2nd most prevalent oil leak for these van's is from the valve cover not reinstalled correctly after removed for any reason. Make sure to use Sealant in the correct spots.See any Haynes repair manuel. (I detest Chiltons repair-no-help manuel.gettocar

Oil viscocity for a 2000 Chevy Tahoe 5.3?

Factory said to use 5W30 in the winter time. 10W30 in the summer time.

Can you put car oil in your motorbike?

Yes, you can. However, you have to make sure the viscocity is same as required in the motorbike. You have to check the number on the oil packing. Though, it's best if you use 2stroke oil for your motorbike.

What type of oil should i put in a 1994 ford ranger with high miles?

You have to know what viscocity to use, check the owners manual if you have one. But with that being said, always use a synthetic oil for a vehicle with higher mileage.

Toyota Motor Oil?

form_title= Toyota Motor Oil form_header= Keep your Toyota running like new when you change the oil. When was your oil last changed?*= _ [50] How often do you change your oil?*= _ [50] What oil do you use?*= _ [50]

How often to change engine oil in a 98 Toyota Previa?

i didn't know there was such a van,i thought the last manufactured previa was made in'97. the basic oil change for all vehicles despite how old or new they are is 3 mos or 3000 miles which ever comes first.make sure you use 5w 30 of a good quality oil like castrol,or mobile;valvoline is ok too. of course synthetic is the best,but read up on how to go from conventional to synthetic. doc good luck!

Can you use 10w20 oil in your Toyota Tacoma 4.0?

NO, your Toyota 4.0 calls for 10W30 weight oil, so use that weight and nothing else.

What type of oil does my 96 Toyota tacoma 4-cylinder use?

A 1996 Toyota Tacoma 4-cylinder is able to use 5w20 weight oil. When the oil is changed, the oil filter should be changed as well.

What type of oil do you use for a 2006 Toyota Avalon?

motor oil

What type of oil does a toyota corolla use?

car oil rtfm

Can you use 10w40 oil for 5w40 in a 1999 geo prizm?

I would try and use 5W40 since it has lower viscocity and should reduce ware/tear/gasoline consumption, or so they say

Can you useToyota oil filter for Lexus RX330?

Lexus uses Toyota oil filters for their vehicles, so yes, you can use Toyota oil filters for your Lexus.

What type of oil does Toyota Sienna use?

The type of oil used in a 2011 and 2012 Toyota Sienna is the synthetic 0W-20.

Name the cars that use ST3614 oil filters?

Toyota camry 6 cylinder

What kind of oil do you use for a 1983 Toyota Celica GT?

It is important to use the right type of oil in a vehicle. The 1983 Toyota Celica GT uses 10w-30 engine oil to run smoothly.

Oil type for v8 4.7 liters of Toyota Tundra?

The best oil to use of a Toyota Tundra is 5w 20. Toyota service centers recommend this oil and goes as far as pushing the truck out of warranty for using the wrong type of oil.

What oil shoud you use in a 1995 Toyota 4Runner 100k miles?

If you can try using Toyota oil. It is just right for 100K engines.