What was Hitler's dog named?

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He had a German Shepherd named Blondi.

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mini hitman

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Q: What was Hitler's dog named?
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What was adolf hitlers cats name?

He had a dog named "Blondi", but I dont know about a cat.

What was Hitlers other dogs names?

Hitler had a dog named Prinz in 1921. Shortly after that he had another dog caleld Muckl. During WW2 he had the well-known German Shepherd named Blondi.

What bred was hitlers dog?

A German Shepherd Dog.

What was Hitlers dog called?


What breed was hitlers dog?

German Shepherd

Who named their dog Hitler?

Actually Hitlers dog was Blondie, and was a gift from Martin Bormann. Hitler loved his dog although Hitlers mistress Eva Braun did not. She used to kick the poor dog at times. Blondie met hear death in the bunker after having beeing forced to take a cyanid-capsule by the hand of Sergeant Fritz Tornow. Hitler could not stand it, so he left. ---

How old was hitlers dog when it died?

She was 4 years old.

Did Hitlers wiener get bit off by a ghost?

No.. It was severed by his dog.

What were the names of hitlers wife?

Hitlers mistress for 12 years, and later wife, was named Eva Braun. Eva was a shop assistant from Munich.

How old is adolf Hitler in dog years?

Why would you want to know this? And Hitlers dead by the way...

What are the names of George Washington's dogs?

Pet guardian to a Hound dog named Captain, a Hound dog named Cloe, Hound dog named Forester, a Hound dog named Lady Rover, a Dalmatian named Madam Moose, Hound dog named Searcher, a Foxhound named Sweetlips, a Hound dog named Taster, a Hound dog named Tipler, and a Hound dog named VulcanAs he had 36 dogs, these are some of the names. There was also a hound called Drunkard.Drinker, Drunk, and Tipsy. LOL

Dennis the Menace has a dog named what?

Dennis has a dog named Gnasher, who has a son named Gnipper.

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