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What was Serbia's response to the ultimatum sent by the Austro-Hungarian Empire?



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This is totalkjgksgosnglsnhslhnsflhn/.Serbias response to the ultimatum sent by the austro Hungarian empire was through the royal government of Serbia which accused Serbia of participating in the events leading up to the killing of sarajevo.

The Royal Serbian Government condemns every propaganda which should be directed against Austria-Hungary, i.e., the entirety of such activities as aim towards the separation of certain territories from the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, and it regrets sincerely the lamentable consequences of these criminal accusations.

The Royal Government regrets that according to a communication of the I. and R. Government certain Serbian officers and functionaries have participated in this propaganda, and that these have there fore endangered the relations for the observation of which the Royal Government had solemnly obliged itself through the declaration of March 31st, 1909