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What was a Jewish food?

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Challah is Jewish bread.

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The Jewish food laws are called 'kashrut'.

Food is one of the main parts of the Jewish faith.

If they did, it wasn't kosher food.

Jewish people eat food that is primarily kosher. This is food that is blessed by a rabbi before being packaged and/or shipped. There are also other miniscule rules associated with what Jewish can and cannot eat.

Go to Borders and buy a copy of Jewish Cooking.

It's a Jewish food, but you don't have to be Jewish to eat it.

They're a regional food, not specifically Jewish.

It is not of Jewish origin, but it is extremely popular among Jews.

They determine what, where and with whom Jews can eat.

Food prepared according to the laws of kashrut (Jewish dietary laws) is referred to as 'kosher'.

Halakha ("The Way") is the system of Jewish law. the Halacha pertaining to food is called Kashrut.

The Jewish food laws started 3300 years ago, when the Torah was given. They are still ongoing today because the Torah is for all generations. See also:The Jewish food-laws

the jewish people were treated really badly.they did not have food and they were killed for no reasons

Religious Jewish will not eat any food that is not kosher.

If you are Jewish, you do eat normal food

Food that is prepared following Jewish religious law is called 'kosher'. The set of laws that specify the requirements for food production and consumption is called 'kashrut'.

People of the Jewish religion eat 'kosher" (meaning fit) food because that is the way they were commanded by God in the Tanach.

Food Finds - 2000 Jewish Foods was released on: USA: 1 August 2002

She says she's not but loves the food and feels Jewish in her stolen from Palestine...sooo she's really Palestinian at heart ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’ž

It is food prepared in accordance with Jewish Laws

It can be difficult to count.

Any type of food. If the party is kosher, then there will be dietary limitations to comply with Jewish law, but this still leaves a huge variety of options.

Yes, religiously observant Jewish kids follow the laws of kashrut.

Religious influence? If a food is kosher, it is produced in compliance with the laws found within the Torah, the Jewish holy book.

Muslim is Halal, while Jewish is kosher.

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